Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Yesterday I got a tattoo. At work. On my right ankle.

OK, it's only one of those dollar store rub-on things that washes off. (At least I THINK it washes off... it's one day later &, as you can see, it's still strong & clear.)

(I've never really had the urge to get a real tattoo -- I feel like I'm a little "old" for it (although my aunt got one when she was in her late 50s -- much to my other, older aunt's chagrin...!) but if I ever did, I always thought I would get a butterfly on my ankle, for Katie.)

We had a little pre-Canada Day celebration at the office -- everyone wore red & white, we had cake & an all-Canadian trivia challenge quiz. My team was narrowly beaten, but as consolation, I won one of the prizes -- two new stainless steel water bottles decorated with Canadian flags, and a red chef's apron with paper napkins to match -- both bright red with "Eh?" in white type, lol.

Dh & I have never really done much on Canada Day. If we had kids, I'm sure we'd feel compelled to take them to a parade or fireworks or have a backyard barbecue. Or even to turn on the TV to watch the celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa (something I would love to take in personally some day). Or something.

Instead, we went to a movie & lazed around the house. It feels oddly like Sunday. (I'll take any holiday I can get, but these four-day weeks do screw up my whole sense of timing.)

Even when I was a kid, though, I don't have too many memories of Canada Day celebrations (it was called "Dominion Day" back then). My most vivid Canada Day memory is from one year when I was a teenager in the late 1970s. We walked a few blocks down to the shores of the local man-made lake to watch the fireworks display, which was being set off on a bridge over the lake to the city park. All of a sudden we saw someone diving over the side of the bridge & into the algae-filled water (yuck). And then a barrage of fireworks the likes of which we'd never seen before, all over in a hurry. Seems something caught fire & set everything off just a tad prematurely. Fortunately, no one was hurt & no damage was done.

But then, low-key celebrations seems to be the Canadian way -- not too much fuss or patriotic hoopla, especially when compared to our cousins across the border. But yet there's still a quiet sense of pride and good fortune that we live in a country that remains one of the most beautiful, diverse, blessed nations on the face of the Earth.

Happy Canada Day!


  1. Happy Canada Day!

    Love the tat! I still have a thing for fake tattoos. It started with the Cracker Jack prizes and it never left me.

  2. Happy Canada Day to you too, my fellow Canuck!

  3. I hope your Canada Day was superb! Living in Ottawa, we can take in the "official" celebrations any year we so desire and I have to say, I'd recommend seeing it all up close and in person at least once in your life. It truly is incredible. And that sense of quiet pride permeates the day... indeed, the week. Think about heading to The Hill sometime to drink it all it. It's quite spectacular and a whole lot of fun!

  4. We always joke about how Canada Day isn't such a big deal compared to the 4th of July. We don't even have fireworks. Just free ice cream on Robson St. 4 scantily clad Carnivale girls and a couple of bands. I didn't even get afree tattoo - I guess they ran out.

    My one memory is that my mum sang at a Canada Day celebration years ago in Centennial Park in Ontario. This year, we had her on a cafe patio around the corner from the home listening to music.