Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Show & Tell: Winter Wonderland

I didn't have to dream of a White Christmas; I actually had one. Which is nothing new, since I am from (& spend my Christmases in) a part of the world in which white Christmases are the norm. I can count on just a few fingers of one hand the number of Christmases I have had that were NOT white.

There was actually not a lot of snow when we first arrived -- but a few mornings into our trip, I woke up to find everything covered in hoarfrost. So pretty!!

Here is the view from my parents' front window of one of the neighbours' houses:

The huge mugho pine in the front yard:

It started snowing lightly on the night of Dec. 23rd. All through the day on Christmas Eve, the snowflakes continued to fall gently. Perfect.

And then we woke up on Christmas morning. I wouldn't call it a big blizzard -- I don't think we had anywhere near the amount of snow some people in the States had. But there was still snow. And it was blowing. Travel was not recommended. Thank goodness we were all safely together already.

In some parts of the yard, the snow drifted up quite high, depending on where the wind was blowing. Here's my dad using his favourite seasonal toy, his snowblower, to blow out the drifted snow on the back patio. You can see here how deep it got!

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By the way, I am still trying to catch up on my blog reading. Seems like no matter how long I sit at my computer lately, I never manage to crack the 700 unread posts mark. Eeeekk!!


  1. Absolutely beautiful frost pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  2. So lovely. Christmas isn't Christmas if there is no snow, no frost. Beautiful pictures.

  3. great pictures. We had snow on the ground but it rained all day so it was a Wet Christmas.

  4. Gorgeous. I've never seen a White Christmas, but I'm pretty happy with mild winters. ;)

  5. Yup! Us too. Although, my husband plows so too much snow means we have to say goodbye to him for a while.

    Good thing the farmer's almanac says cold with less snow this year!