Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hitting the bottle

I had to chuckle. The Saturday Globe & Mail had a lengthy feature on -- wait for it -- the use of Robitussin/cough syrup as a fertility aid.

Ahhh, the memories. I can't remember exactly when I started using Robitussin (or when I stopped), but I do remember reading about it on my subsequent pg after a loss e-mail list. Oh, the money I spent on that stuff!! I kept a bottle in my desk at work, as well as at home. I must have drunk gallons & gallons of it before I finally gave up. I can taste it right now as I write. Yuck.

Obviously, it did not work for me. Anyone else use Robitussin -- or some other "word of mouth" fertility aid?


  1. Yeah, I ate a lot of organic pineapple (DON'T ASK ME THE RIDICULOUS PRICE) to help implantation - yeah, didn't work, either.

  2. I remember buying the "pre-seed" lubricant to enhance the sperm. LOL I wish all it took was some enhancements.

  3. ha! I TOTALLY purchased some robitusin for one of my first cycles.
    I also ate my weight in pineapples, did crazy yoga poses, bought Chinese herbs, and drank some tonic that I believe was marketed for seniors. I probably would have eaten my toes if someone told me it would get me knocked up.

  4. OMG, breaking news! LOL

    I'm guilty of copious Robitussin and Mucinex consumption. We also used Preseed, until D.'s urologist said it was a running joke in the urology field.