Friday, October 22, 2010

Babies grow up to be TEENAGERS...

There are certain times when I'm actually glad I don't have kids -- especially when I read articles like this. Yikes!!!


  1. Yikes! I read some of the comments and the one person who said that this generation of teenagers has a "you can't touch us" mentality is so right. And another person that said the culture is to look the other way and assume someone else will take care of it reminded me of a situation recently at school: I overheard some kids talking about a facebook page that seemed to be all about high school drama, gossip, and rumors. I alerted the deans to it (without telling my students that I was doing so), and they looked into it, and the page and the students involved definitely fell into the bullying category. When I told some of my coworkers about it, they were put off by the fact that I was proud of telling the deans. Like I shouldn't be proud of "telling on them." I'm the teacher! I'm supposed to tell on them if it is something that might be hurting someone else. That scares me that they might have ignored it if they were the ones overhearing it.

  2. Oh my ... This is one of those articles that make me simutaneously HAPPY that I couldn't procreate and SAD that there are parents out there that have the opportunity to raise socially aware, respectful kids ... the kind of opportunity I've always wanted to have ... that either are too embarrassed to admit that they've fallen short of doing so OR simply don't care.

  3. OMG, that's appalling - what those kids need is a public shaming! Where is the personal responsibility and respect? I'm sure the parents think, oh, it's just a little partying - why are they making such a big deal out of it? I would have taken them all into civil court. How sad and discouraging.