Monday, May 16, 2011

Blogger ate my post & comments :(

I know I'm not the only one who was affected by Blogger's problems over the weekend. :( Two of my posts, & the comments posted on them, went missing. :( And I notice the "publish" button still isn't working?? (Anyone else have this problem? It's only my home PC, not at work. I recently had my browser upgraded to IE9 & I am wondering whether that has anything to do with it??)
BUT (...anyway!)-- fortunately:
  • My most recent post was originally lost, but then retrieved from the depths of Bloggerdom (although I lost a few comments along the way).
  • Another, earlier post was NOT reposted by Blogger & is presumably lost :( -- BUT, I could still read it (& copy it!) from my Google Reader. : )
  • I still have the e-mail notifications of all my comments. : )

So here, for posterity's sake, is the missing post, along with the lovely comments I received:

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TGIO (i.e., Thank Goodness It's Over)
(originally posted on May 11, 2011)

I knew I should have avoided FB on The Day That Shall Not Be Named. One status update/meme I read: "In honor of Mother's Day, post the name & birth weight of your children as your status if you're a proud mom." I had to bite my cybertongue to resist posting "Kathleen Maria, 125 grams." I'm willing to bet the silence in response to that one would have been deafening.

Couldn't find a movie I wanted to see, so we spent a lazy day at home, with a brief outing to Dairy Queen where I drowned my sorrows & frustrations in a Skor Bar Blizzard. : )

And how was your weekend?

*** *** ***

Kind comments received (thank you!)

From Lisa in SK: should have posted on FB...far too many "forget". Next it. You are forever a momma and deserve some credit. Glad you got through the day. Take care...

From Colleen: Over the years, I have gone from not being able to handle the day that shall not be named (I love that....). But over the last couple years that has changed. I think that is because I have had several friends and coworkers lose their children over the last couple of years. It has been so heartbreaking. I spent part of Mother's Day writing them messages on FB because I am sure the day was not easy for them. I guess maybe I should have sent them a card or called but I was thinking it is not always easy to sign in to FB so maybe a message would make it 100% easier. I never can feel bad for myself because I am thinking about them. You are included in that. Katie is super special.

Our priest this year and last included me in his blessing too as women who are not able to have children. I thought that was super special. My DH even said when we left that he is such a IF oriented priest. Few and far between. I just wish he was 30 years old instead of 85 years old! He is such an amazing man who made my day. :)

From One-Hit Wonder: Oh man, I think you definitely should've posted Katie's name. She was a real person and you are her mother - a mom to a saint in heaven - and you deserve to be honoured as such.

I always think of my niece and nephew who were stillborn and, if my SIL posted a similar comment about them, I'd be happy to acknowledge it. I never forget about them. But that's just me.

Anyway, I'm remembering Katie with you.

From Mrs. Spit: It passed. I saw that same status. Saw it from a woman whose first baby had died. She didn't include her first, which surprised me.

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  1. Blogger was being such a pain :(

    Mrs. Spit's story... so sad.

    I hate all the posts that float around on Mother's Day. I try to avoid FB all day if I can help it. Just too many people forgetting that the day can be hard for someone they care about.

    Yay for a blizzard from DQ ;) I've often turned to them myself.