Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Post-vacation odds & ends

  • Yes, I was on vacation. Did you notice I was gone??
  • One of the best things about vacation is having lots & lots of time to get lost in lots & lots of books. : ) I'll be posting separately, shortly, about some of what I read.
  • If you thought Facebook was a minefield before, get this: if you're pregnant, you can now list your expected child's name and due date under your "family members." Thanks (...I think??!) to Apron Strings Emily for bringing this one to my attention.
  • Even after being away for just two weeks, things change and take you by surprise. For example -- the newsstand in the concourse of my office tower, where I stop almost every day to buy magazines and lottery tickets and breathmints and chocolate, is closed for renovations. Like Joni Mitchell sang, sometimes you don't know what you've got till it's gone. : ( Hurry back, newsstand!
  • On a related note, I was shopping in the concourse of the next office tower over from mine yesterday, and noticed that a new maternity wear shop will be opening soon -- conveniently located right next door to Baby Gap. :p
  • On another note somewhat related to the last one: Is it just me?? I swear that every other woman I saw today was sporting a hugely pregnant belly, an infant carrier or pushing a gigantic baby stroller. :p Most weeks, I don't notice this as much, and even when I do, it doesn't bother me these days. (Much.)
  • Of course, this week is not like most. August 5 & 7 are fast approaching. :( I'm sure that has something to do with it. More on that later too.


  1. Glad you're back.

    Yes, sometimes the world is full of reminders, other times it is blissfully free. Sigh.

  2. Just came off 3rd year due date anniversary, which was harder than I thought it would be, but easier in other ways. I found myself noticing bellies EVERYWHERE leading up to the anniversary and I really had to resist the urge to go up to them and let the women know how blessed they were. Now that it has passed, not noticing as much.

    I stopped by here to let you know of today's AWESOME post - if you don't know about Neil Pasricha yet, he's well worth the read. Particularly today.

    Hugs and simple thoughts as you go through some anniversaries. Aug 7 is my brother's birthday. He ran away when he was 17 and we haven't seen him since. It's been almost 27 years and the anniversary still hits at times.


  3. Hurray for a reading vacation! I hope it was refreshing and enjoyable.

    The facebook thing made me cringe a little, for all kinds of reasons.

    Thinking of you as the 5th and 7th roll towards you.

  4. Yes I did notice you were gone. I hope you had a good rest. Do you get a lot of vacation time?

    I miss reading books so I'll be happy to hear your reviews.

    Just to let you know, even us adoptive mums feel a bit of longing when we see pregnant bellies. Just a bit.