Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Survived : )

I survived my colonoscopy, and all is well. : ) As most people said, the prep was the worst part, & I would agree -- although I rather suspect that Aunt Flo had a lot to do with making mine that way. Yes, as I suspected/feared -- Aunt Flo, with her impeccable sense of timing, decided to drop by to add to my misery. My one comfort is that, the next time I do this, five or 10 years from now, she should (should!!) be a non-issue.

I started out feeling not too bad & that, "Hey, I can do this!" However, as the long day worse on, I got hungrier, crampier, queasier and increasingly sick of the taste of Gatorade. :p I wound up spending part of the night before on the bathroom floor, worshipping the porcelain goddess, breaking into a cold sweat & feeling like I was about to pass out (poor dh wound up propping me up until I had the strength to crawl back into bed myself) -- and part of the morning at the clinic getting better acquainted with the bathroom THERE before my appointment too. :p Not fun. I actually have a purple mark under one of my eyes -- I think I broke a capillary from all the dry heaving -- eventually, my stomach was so empty there was nothing left to bring up. :(

Once they popped that needle in my hand, though, I was off in LaLa Land. The next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery area. They gave me a small dixie cup of water & some melba toast, & I almost immediately started to feel better. : ) At home, I had tea, toast & a nap, and aside from being very tired, felt almost entirely like myself again by late afternoon. I was back at work again today.

Thanks for all the advice & well wishes!


  1. Glad you're feeling good now, and that all is well. The prep sounded awful - I've never actually had any vomiting from it. I'm shocked actually.

    I'm also like you I think - wishing that Aunt Flo would just pack her bags and go!

    Heh heh - my word verification: anema

  2. So glad everything went well, aside from the porcelain goddess worshipping!

  3. Glad you are feeling better after your procedure. I suspect for most people, the actual procedure is a little anticlimactic.

    I am here from Stirrup Queen's prompt. I hear you about not having enough time to blog. I wish I could post more than once or twice a week.

    I hope November goes by quickly for you!

  4. Ewww, I'm never having that done! I'm glad you got through it though. I repeat. Ewwww!

  5. Sorry about the nasty reaction to the prep - from the sound of things (cold sweat, nausea, vomiting) I wonder whether you are particularly sensitive to low blood sugar. I hope you ate all of your favorites once you were feeling better - and again, thank you for posting about this!

  6. @Flyover Belle: That's possible... Ialthough I've always passed my fasting blood sugar test at my annual checkup (although this was a particularly LONG fast -- by the time I had the procedure, I hadn't had food in 36+ hours, & nothing to drink for almost 12). I do think the hormones (with Aunt Flo's arrival) probably had a LOT to do with it. We seem to have a particularly bad visit two or three times a year, with bad cramping that leaves me in a cold sweat & sometimes vomiting. Hopefully she will not be a factor the next time I have to do this!!