Thursday, November 8, 2012

Odds & ends

  • What happened to October??
  • Suddenly, it's November. :p  The time changed, it gets dark a whole lot faster, it's a whole lot colder... and it's November. :p 
  • Stay tuned for my annual "I hate November" whine. ; ) (Despite the above, this isn't it, lol.)
  • The cold I had at the beginning of October returned with a vengeance at the end. :p  I think I am FINALLY almost over it. (Knocking wood.)
  • We took a week off in mid-October, and I managed to wrestle my Google Reader almost down to zero. It is now back up over the 1000+ mark. :p  Please bear with me as I catch up on my reading & commenting. (Again.) :p
  • On the bright side, while we did get some rain and a bit of wind (and while some people in the city lost power & trees), Hurricane Sandy did not affect us much. Thankfully. We were sort of on the outer fringes.
  • And... the U.S. election is over!! (And if we're sick of it here, north of the border, I can only imagine how relieved you are in the States...!)
  • Perhaps best of all -- I recently (finally!) got to meet the lovely and talented Msfitzita. We live on opposite sides of a vast metropolitan area, and I actually spent more time coming & going to her home than I did with her (!), but it was well worth the trip. Hopefully we can do it again soon (maybe next time somewhere midway for us both!).


  1. Ahhh. November. An odd month - but one which brings promise. Spring is here! (Sorry, that's probably just salt in the wound for you).

    So glad you got to meet Msfitzita. This blogging world is amazing isn't it - that it forges relationships that start anonymously, and then progress over a coffee or lunch. Lovely.

  2. Ah, yes. That happens to my Google Reader all the time when I get busy. I totally hear you! And I am SO relieved to not be having to think about the election any more. I don't even live in a swing state, nor do I have cable... but man, it got old.

    So glad you got to meet another blogger. That's so fun. I love those meet ups :)

  3. Jealous that you got to meet Msfitzita. I would like to meet both of you.

    I too feel the same way about this fall. It occurred to me yesterday that we were midway through November and I have little to show for this fall.

  4. It's cool meeting other bloggers isn't it? Glad you could make it happen. As for Hurricane Sandy, well, it friggin rains here all the time anyway, so when it stops for a bit, it's cause for celebration.