Monday, September 8, 2014

#MicroblogMondays: Rolling the dice

Dh thinks I spend too much time on the computer (now whatever gave him that idea??).  He recently pointed out that, now that we're both basically retired, we need to get into some good habits right from the start, and find some new ways to spend our time -- i.e., not sit on our respective sofas all day with our heads in our laptops.

I realized he was right. 

So I challenged him. To a game.

Of Yahtzee. :) 

I hadn't played Yahtzee in years, let alone just the two of us.  We spent Saturday night playing six rounds -- and in the sixth & final round, I rolled Yahtzee not once, not twice, not THRICE, but FOUR TIMES.  In all my years playing Yahtzee, going way back to my childhood, I have never seen that done before. Once or twice, maybe, but FOUR TIMES in one game??! 

Needless to say, I won. ;) 

It was fun. :) 

Sometimes you just need to roll the dice and shake things up a little. :) 

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  2. I used to play Yahtzee with my grandpa at a table in my grandparent's basement. He taught my brother and me Yahtzee, poker and blackjack. Boy, do I miss him. Good times! :)

  3. Oh I love Yahtzee. My sisters and I used to play it all the time. We'd play three rounds simultaneously. SUCH good memories.

  4. Oh, Yahtzee! Wow, that brings back memories. It's been ages since I've played it. Always fun!

  5. Ha! I love Yahtzee. We play it all the time. We used to also have it on our blackberries (which was a lot quieter than shaking dice).

    Four is incredibly impressive. I rarely get one. But the most I've gotten in one game is two.

  6. You should make those last couple of lines into a bumper sticker- love that philosophy!

  7. I don't think I've ever played Yahtzee.

    Your DH sounds a bit like me, going on at my DH about trying to get good habits! Of course, I consider sitting at my desk and laptop to be a good habit - because it opens my mind, keeps me connected, and gets me thinking! Whereas DH shifts between being very active outside fixing up the house/section, and total inactivity on the couch reading.

  8. Wow, 4 - that is quite a feat! That does sound like fun.

  9. You sound like me! I must get down to more offline activities!

  10. Boardgames are a lot of fun. Glad you enjoyed it! Awesome with four Yatzees. :)