Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This year's model (2014)

Tuesday was Remembrance Day, meaning that (hereabouts, anyway), banks and government offices were closed, but most other businesses were not. I was downtown anyway for a career transition seminar, and decided to stay in the city and do a little shopping.

I had not been back to the "scene of the crime" -- i.e., the office tower where I worked for almost all of my 28-year career (I remember walking by it as a hole in the ground, en route to the interview that landed me my job) -- but I knew that, being a bank holiday, it was unlikely that I would have any awkward encounters with former coworkers. But the shops in the concourse were still open, and I knew the card shop where I've bought my Christmas cards for the past several years would certainly have this year's stock out by now.

And they did. And, as usual, I knew "the card" when I saw it. No Classic Pooh or angels or little girls this year but, similar to recent Christmases, there's a black & white photo with splashes of colour, and the slightly old-fashioned photo of a little boy peering hopefully up the chimney.  

Now to get the things done... and this year, I guess I don't have any excuses. ;) 

2013 card
2010 card was a photo card of me & dh on our 25th wedding anniversary : )


  1. Cute card. (Dang - I've just seen that Cristy said the same thing!)

  2. I bet there were a lot of emotions around being in that area. I like the card you picked.

  3. I love your card choice for this year! Which reminds me, I should figure out our cards for this year!

  4. Super cute!! We typically make cards with silly pictures of one or both of our animals.. not sure what i'll do this year. Good job on being so on top of it. I'm impressed!