Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Too many posts, too little time...

I'll bet I have more than half a dozen posts started -- in my drafts folder, in jottings that I e-mail from work to myself at home during the day, in my head -- about the political campaigns in both the U.S. & Canada, about my time at home in September 1998, about grief & spirituality (in response to a 6x6 meme at Glow in the Woods), about seeing & holding stepBIL's new baby last weekend & then helping to organize pg co-worker's baby shower yesterday (I survived both just fine -- although the sight of two very pregnant women on the train home later last night just about did me in...!).

But life has this funny habit of getting in the way of the stuff we REALLY want to be doing, now, doesn't it?

For one thing, year-end season, our busiest time of the year at work, is now in full swing, & I am SWAMPED. :(

For another, we are in the middle of a bathroom renovation!! starting with a new tub & tiles (after our old one was so unkind as to leak through onto the living room ceiling, even after multiple attempts at recaulking). StepBIL is doing the work for us & is doing a fabulous job... but he was here until after 8 tonight, & there are still trips to Home Depot to make, drywall & cement dust to clean up later, etc. etc., not to mention the inconvenience of traipsing up & down to the other bathroom in the basement for showers, etc. (I'm hoping -- fingers crossed -- to do a post about it for Mel's Show & Tell on the weekend.)

Thursday night is our support group meeting, and this weekend, we're off to visit friends (also bereaved parents -- former support group clients, in fact) -- a date we made in back in JUNE!!

And I have dived into "The Baby Trail," the next Barren B*tches book club selection.

So if my posts have been scarce & my comments on your blogs scarcer, now you know why. Soon, soon...


  1. I have that problem too. We need to reno the bathroom, but there is only one. . .

  2. Argh, drywall dust is the worst! Reno is always so annoying, but the results will be so worth the stress.

    Take care of yourself during these busy days.

  3. Thank you for my virtual drink and for the kind words. They are appreciated and greatly needed as I feel like kicking small animals right now.

  4. I hear ya... and wish for many moments of peace and sanity amidst all these craziness! xo