Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Book/articles: "Nobody's Father"

This week, the Toronto Star is running excerpts from a new book called "Nobody's Father: Life Without Kids" -- a collection of essays by childless/free men. It appears to be a companion volume to a similar essay collection called "Nobody's Mother" (which is in my huge "to read" stack).

Today's essay is a by a father whose only son died of cancer as a teenager. Even though our circumstances are very different, there is much in his account of grief that I can relate to. Dh said he could totally relate to the line "bereaved parents have an indifference to life." As usual, the reader comments are highly interesting.

There are links to the previous two essays, and there will be more tomorrow & Friday. These men come at childless/free living from a variety of circumstances. I'm sure infertility & pregnancy loss are probably covered somewhere, but will have to find the book to find out for sure...!

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