Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Contrast & perspective

I got on the elevator this morning with two of my colleagues. Both single, in their 20s, young enough to be my daughters (!), marriage, children and mortgages all still ahead of them. Dewy complexions, latest fashions, radiating the absolute confidence of youth. They gave me a glance & a perfunctory nod, but continued chattering about their BlackBerrys and data plans. It was like they were speaking a foreign language.

Once, I was like them. (OK, minus the BlackBerrys.) I know they would find it hard to believe, but some day, they too will be in their late 40s, tired, struggling with their weight and fine facial lines and grey hair, wondering how this happened.

I got off the elevator -- & almost ran into an elderly man, hobbling along slowly with the assistance of his cane.

Once, this man was young and handsome -- a varsity track star who became famous for dancing with a princess, went into politics and, briefly, was the prime minister of Canada. He recently celebrated his 80th birthday. (And he still goes to work.)

Some day, I, too may grow to be as old as he is.

And probably wish that I was in my 40s again.


  1. When I grow up, he's one of the people I'd like to be. . .

    (He and I went to the same university)

  2. Perspective makes such a difference!

    It is good for the folks who can look outside the current frame & see the bigger pic.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Thoughtful post.
    (I also enjoyed winning the guessing game - my dad worked for him when he was Finance Minister and he once danced with my mom in addition to the Princess)

  4. So true...youth is definitely wasted on the young. Let's enjoy our 40s for all their worth!

  5. So true. It's hard to remember this every day though!

  6. Yes, it's interesting as the years pass, watching the "young" ones and remembering the power of youth, knowing they have no idea of it. And then to be humbled by the older generations -- ours has much to learn from them. :-)

  7. Wonderful post, thank you :-)

    Also, I nominated you for an award on my blog.

  8. I love this post. Such a beautiful reminder.

  9. Exactly, Loribeth! Beautifully written and a timely reminder.
    You've been writing up a storm! I'm having problems catching up *pant pant* :-)