Thursday, October 29, 2009

And this year's most popular Halloween costume is...

...Octomom! Put on a long dark wig (& maybe a big pair of sunglasses), & a snuggli filled with eight baby dolls, and voila!

Someone posted a photo they'd seen on a message board I frequent, & now at least two people on the board have picked up the idea & are making their own Octomom costumes for Halloween parties, or to wear when trick or treating with their kids.

Part of me thinks it's hilarious, & a brilliant idea.

Part of me cringes. I hate to see that woman get any more publicity than she already has. I hate to see infertility and multiple births treated as a joke.

(Last year, the costume du jour was Sarah Palin: put your hair up in a librarian's bun, add a pair of glasses & wear a business suit with an American flag pin. And lipstick. Very important.)

Last year, I posted about how unexpectedly painful Halloween was for me. I honestly don't know how I feel about it this year. I guess I'll find out soon enough.


  1. We went as Martha Stewart in prison one year. That seemed to be the big costume. Lots of Marthas (it was actually for Purim and not Halloween).

    Sending good thoughts for Saturday night--though I'm around if the night does get hard.

  2. Halloween doesn't seem to get to me all that much (tho i like thinking about 3-1/2 YO Kaylee dressed up). It is the thought of another Christmas without a child or hope of it.

    Hope you're able to enjoy your holiday.

  3. I just saw an Octomom on The View -- funny!

    This is a time of remembrance for you. Two years of blogging (yay!), and the month where Katie is even more front and center than the rest of the year (not yay at all).

    I am here with you for both, Loribeth.


  4. And Octomom herself dressed up as a pregnant nun and all her little octuplets as devils.


    I've read that Kate Gosselin wigs are a big hit right up there with Michael Jackson costumes.

    Hope this year's Halloween is better for you.

  5. I love your blog--you are amazing!!

    check this out:

  6. i just posted how unexpectedly hard i realize today is going to be. i had no idea until just before i wrote that. i expected christmas to be hard. but not halloween.

  7. Thinking of you tonight, Loribeth.

    I had a couple of friends dress as Jon & Kate Gosslin this year. "Kate" had her hair spiky with big sunglasses and carried around a copy of her book asking if people had read it yet. It was such a simple yet brillant idea.