Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Odds & ends

  • If I have to endure one more of those sappy friggin' iPhone TV commercials ("You're going to be a dad!!"), I swear, I'm going to throw up....
  • In the "another one bites the dust" category: the wife of a coworker sent out announcements to the entire office today: they are adopting a two-year-old little girl through the local children's aid society. They were matched a few weeks ago, had some visits & she is coming home with them for good in a few days. I am very happy for them... but it was another one of those, "Et tu Brute?" moments. This guy is perhaps not quite as old as I am, but I think he's in his mid-40s & I assume his wife must be 40ish too. It's always a comfort to have someone else around (particularly someone who is closer to my own age)(i.e., not one of the young singles or newlyweds in the office) who doesn't have kids for whatever reason (& I have no idea what their story was).
  • Survived the annual get-together with dh's cousins last weekend with little incident. The only time I really flinched was when everyone was fussing over our hostess's 12-year-old son & exclaiming over how he will be starting Grade 7 -- junior high! He was born in April 1998 -- I was newly pregnant & "out" at his mom's shower. (Couldn't bring myself to go see him until his first birthday... I apologized to his mom for not coming sooner & she gave me a huge hug & told me she understood.) Katie was due in November 1998, and would also be starting Grade 7 next week. (Another cousin has a son born in April 1999. One six months older, one six months younger, & Katie would have been right in the middle. Can I say, & probably not for the first nor last time, how very glad I am that they are both boys???)
  • My new boss (who has two young boys) actually inserted the words "As a parent" into a speech for one of our executives (he was speaking about saving for children's education). Pamela, if you're reading this, I thought of you immediately!!
  • I was in a store the other day & heard a semi-familiar tune on the speakers. It was Cyndi Lauper's classic girl power anthem"Girls Just Want to Have Fun." Only THIS was a hiphop/rap style remake by a GUY. Whining, "you know you're still number one, but girl, I wanna have fun." I took it to mean he was trying to justify playing around on her. ARGGGGHHHHH.... talk about twisting the original meaning. I generally hate remakes of classic songs, but this one took the cake.
  • Somehow, the three fillings my dentist told me HAD to be replaced over two separate visits has turned into six or seven (!!) fillings/replacements over three visits (visit #3 coming up in a few weeks). My mouth is still recovering from visit #2 last week -- very sensitive to both heat & cold now. I'm brushing with Sensodyne, but I'm told it will take 2 weeks to do any good. All I can say is thank God for good dental plans. :p
  • I'm sure I had other stuff I was going to write about, but that's all I can come up with for now, lol. Vent over!


  1. Oh I soooo hate those iPhone commercials too!! Makes my DH's toes curl too...

  2. I H-A-T-E the iphone commercials.

    H-A-T-E them.

    Did I mention that I H-A-T-E them?

    And as for the remake of the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...why do people do this? Screw with great songs? They're already great people - don't screw with em!

  3. Even my hubby complains about the iPhone commercials. I HATE them!!!

  4. Do NOT get me started on those iPhone commercials!!!! I actually yelled at the TV yesterday - "Oh SHUT UP!! Just SHUT UP!!!!", I screamed, like a crazy lady.

    Sandy and I had a brainstorming session a week or so ago about other topics they could have chosen, and we're both very thankful that at least they have the braces and new haircut versions.

    Anyway, who the hell tells the father of their child he's going to be a dad via iPhone???

    Ugh. SO irritating.

  5. This is Guera (I hate logging in just to leave a comment.)
    I sooo hear you on enjoying knowing there are others "like" you in your circle of coworkers. I find myself every once in while counting the older (40+) childless couples in my company and find comfort in that. I don't know their stories either.

  6. We haven't had that particular iPhone commercial and for that I am thankful. Sounds hideous.

  7. iPhone commercials = GAG, GAG, GAG...

  8. That iphone commercial makes me very unhappy.

    As much for the happy couple as for the "you're going to be a dad!" schtick.

  9. Me again.