Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Unfortunately yours

Niobe's blog today is featuring a meme where you Google your name + unforunately (Unfortunately Lori...). (I did a similar meme once on a message board, using "Lori wants.")Some pretty weird (& hilarious results). Here are some of the results I got:
  • Unfortunately, Lori's health remains delicate due to the very harsh conditions she endured during the early years of her incarceration ...
  • Unfortunately, Lori fell in love with her doctor, a healer named Ronal who loved her in return, though he may only have wanted to spawn her brains.
  • Unfortunately, Lori fell for Mark's deceptions, and he plucked her up out of her world, and wove her within his complex web of lies.
  • Unfortunately, Lori was discovered early Sunday morning.
  • Unfortunately Lori cannot keep the dog, so the owner needs to be found quickly.
  • Unfortunately, Lori, there are no real noxious weed laws in Oklahoma. This drives the Kansas borderlands neighbors crazy.
  • Unfortunately Lori won't be able to make it this year due to her very large pregnant belly ;) (twin girls for those of you who haven't heard!) (Ummm, definitely NOT true!!)
  • Unfortunately Lori, that is probably quite true. (No. It's not. Really.)
  • Unfortunately, Lori's is not able to ship orders to P.O. Boxes.
  • Unfortunately, Lori was not an approved "Relocation Agent."
  • Unfortunately, Lori, they were sitting behind me and bolted during the standing ovation.
  • Unfortunately Lori has not blogged in a long while. (Hey, I just posted earlier tonight... AND yesterday...!)
  • Unfortunately, Lori has now disappeared from the Web. (Yoo hoo, over here...)
  • Unfortunately, Lori’s jet-setting big-city life isn’t what she dreamed it would be.
  • Unfortunately, Lori had turned to alcohol and marijuana to escape the emotional pain she carried.
  • Unfortunately, Lori cannot overpower the swarm of burly bodyguards surrounding the mobster, in spite of her formable fighting prowess.
  • Unfortunately, Lori and I hadn't spoken in many years but I was very happy to be able to take part in her wedding day.
  • Unfortunately, Lori has retired from being the Director of Fan Relations as of Spring 1998.
  • Unfortunately Lori doesn't play any of the music on this CD.
  • Unfortunately, Lori is not, at present, supported by any record label, and had to raise finances to fund this album by herself.
  • Unfortunately Lori passed away in October 2005 leaving a huge loss in the schnauzer community.
  • Unfortunately, Lori, you are experiencing what we call a flare-up.
  • Unfortunately, Lori just wants to be friends (without benefits).
  • Unfortunately, Lori, my dear Packer-loving friend, these socks were made ESPECIALLY for my feet.
  • Unfortunately, Lori seems to have forgotten how rough it was the first time she married a prisoner.
  • Unfortunately, Lori never really attained the stardom she so richly deserved (and never posed naked).
  • Unfortunately, Lori won't be here since she will be presenting at the Soap Guild Conference in Palm Springs, but studio assistant Debbie will be here
  • Unfortunately, Lori and I foolishly put our faith and trust in two strangers who apparently didn't understand what should have been a simple change.
  • Unfortunately, Lori (now the proud owner of my old smartphone) has had some difficulty docking the phone into the cradle.
  • Unfortunately Lori's and She Hulk's visit turns sour when the fearsome terrorist group HYDRA leads a daring raid inside the Baxter Building.
  • Unfortunately, lori's werewolf tf has already started.
  • Unfortunately Lori it's not that simple.

(I have to admit, I cheated, in part -- I found some of these on another blog. Click over there for some hilarious side commentary.)

Let me know if you do the meme yourself -- I'd love to see what you've come up with!


  1. Oh, i did this recently! It was fun.


    Evidently "Kathryn" isn't as popular as Lori!


  2. I did it but only put up a few...oh and hey can you spare some weed and alcohol if your brains haven't been spawned out yet?

  3. That's hilarious - I'm not sure I want to know what was "flaring up".

  4. I'm still stuck. There's a schnauzer community? really? for real?

  5. These are absolutely hilarious. Thanks for playing!

  6. The schnauzer community one was the best. I think I'm going to be laughing at that all day long. Thanks for posting this!

  7. Hah very funny :) My favorite for some reason was "Unfortunately Lori it's not that simple". Oh how true that is! hehe

    You can read mine here: http://jillsboringlife.blogspot.com/2009/06/unfortunately-jill.html

  8. I love this! For some reason, there is nothing more fun than googling yourself.

    I can't wait to try it!

  9. Oh, dang, I was snorting ice cream on a few of those. How awesome!

  10. PS---just letting you know I couldn't resist posting this meme on my blog, too. Thanks for the idea! (and, I'm STILL laughing over "spawn her brains."

  11. You and I have lived exciting lives!

    Seriously, a WEREwolf!?

  12. LOL! Yes, the schnauzer community must feel your lost keenly . . .

    Lay off the weed friend - it might lead to posing naked!

    Thanks for an awesome laugh - needed it desperately!

  13. I just tried this tonight...and got this post. :)