Friday, March 5, 2010

Resurfacing : )

My last post, well over a week ago, was titled "Is there life beyond the Olympics?" -- and, as one wisecracking commenter posted, "Judging from the lack of updates, the answer is no." Touche, lol.

There IS life -- but just not online lately, it seems. The Olympics, busy season at work, computer AND Internet/phone company issues at home, and just life generally seem to have conspired to keep me offline for most of these past two weeks. My Google Reader totals have soared back above 1,000 posts again (although I did manage to wrestle them back down around 850). So my apologies for not being more up to date on others' posts, & my lack of commenting.

I've found a few interesting articles that I hope to share with you shortly.


  1. No apologies necessary! I have been trying to resurface myself these last few weeks. As much as I love blogging and reading, sometimes life just has a way of stepping up and shouting, "Hey!! Over here!!"

    Grrrr. But I ~want~ to be on the internet!!

  2. I was wondering why I kept hearing "cricket" sounds whenever I went to check your bloggy. LOL! Glad you resurfaced!

  3. It's a good thing that you don't post more (not that we don't find you incredibly interesting). We all seem to spend too much time glued to these darn computers lately! Enjoy your time outside of the box :) !


  4. I get overwhelmed & behind on blog reading, too. The way i have it set up, it doesn't tell me how many posts are waiting for me to read - i think i like it that way!

    I'm not always good at commenting, either.

    From your last post i really like your thought: And part of me thought, "Tough! -- There have to be some benefits to childless living." (lol)

    Maybe this is one you shouldn't keep to yourself, tho you'd have to be choosy about who to say it to. I think the "I hate you! My daughter . . . " would let me think "I hate you! You HAVE a daughter." But i might be tempted to say, "I find being childless heartbreaking. It is good to know there are a few benefits, anyway."