Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Even though 26 years isn't one of those special numbers that's divisible by 5, it's still a special day -- because 26 years ago today, I married my dh. : )

It hasn't all been a fairytale (whose marriage is?)(& when you think about it, fairy tales usually included a lot of dark stuff before they got to the "happily ever after" part) but there is no one else with whom I'd rather have spent the last 26 years -- or the next 26 and beyond, for that matter. : )

Happy anniversary to us! : )

My wedding

25 years

24 years

23 years


  1. Happy anniversary to you both! We were just six years this year, though we've been together for 12.
    Hope you both have a lovely day.

  2. Wishing you an amazing anniversary! May it be most joyous!

  3. Congratulations! Hope you have a wonderful celebration of this milestone!

  4. Congratulations!! You got married the year after me. Hoping you get many more to come.

  5. We were married the day after your 13th wedding anniversary! Which means we celebrate 13 tomorrow!

    Happy anniversary! May you enjoy many more years together!!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! You got married the year after me too. Any number over 20 is worthy of celebrating big, regardless of whether it is divisible by 5.

  7. Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more healthy and happy years together!

  8. Wow, 26 years - that's awesome. Congratulations and wishing you the most amazing life from this point onward into the future!

  9. Happy Anniversary!

    On a sadder note, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle in law.

  10. Well, now that I'm coming off my blog reading vacation I feel like a real slacker - You celebrate your anniversary for a month right? *g*