Sunday, November 25, 2012

Recent Sunday afternoons at the movies

  • Dh & I love going to the movies -- as opposed to watching them on video/TV etc. (although we'll do that too) -- and we've had the good luck to see a string of really great movies lately, one after the other (after a particularly long dry spell earlier this fall).
  • Our favourite time to go the movies: Sunday afternoons. Generally cheaper and (if you go to the first showing) not so crowded. We love popcorn for lunch. : )
  • First was "Argo," directed by & starring Ben Affleck -- based on a true story well known to most Canadians of a certain age (ahem) as "The Canadian Caper." It has been hugely Hollywoodized, and the critical role played by the Canadians was downgraded to make Ben's CIA agent look like more of a hero (grrrr)... but it's still a great story, well filmed, with great performances all round. 
  • Next came "Skyfall," the new James Bond movie with (be still my beating heart) Daniel Craig returning as Bond. I've talked to several of my younger coworkers who have never seen a Bond movie (!!) & aren't quite sure what all the fuss is about. I tell them you'll appreciate this movie much more if you see a couple of the older Bond movies first -- there are a few "in jokes" & references tailormade for loyal fans, including a couple of big ones right at the very end that I guessed just before the reveal. (And you simply can't take it all too very seriously.) (Craig's Bond is far more serious than, say Roger Moore toward the end of his stint -- although there is more humour in this movie than in the previous two Bond flicks starring Craig, and that's welcome. Seeing him adjust his cufflinks right after landing on top of a moving train had me cracking up.)
  • As an aside -- I think my favourite moment of the entire London Olympics was the introduction of the best-ever Bond girl (i.e., Her Majesty). ; )
  • The first Bond movie I can remember seeing is "Diamonds are Forever" -- the closest movie theatre at the time was in a town 40 miles away & my mother took me & my sister. I told her this recently & she was horrified -- "Really??! With all that sex and violence?? And you were how old??" (About 10 or 12.)
  • Since then, I've seen many Bond movies over the years, old & new, on the big & small screens. My favourite Bond was always Sean Connery, but I have to admit Craig is a very close second. I had my doubts when he was first announced for the role, but after about 10 minutes of "Casino Royale," I turned to dh and whispered, "OK. I get it."   I always thought Pierce Brosnan would be great for the role, long before it became his (longtime "Remington Steele" fan here...), and was sad when it ultimately didn't work out.
  • Anyway -- most recently, we saw "Lincoln." We went early on a Sunday afternoon, as usual -- and it was PACKED.  Daniel Day-Lewis is amazing, as usual, but all the performances are first rate. I have loved David Strathairn in everything I've ever seen him in, going waaaayyyyy back to "The Days & Nights of Molly Dodd" -- and Tommy Lee Jones is wonderful. The final scene he's in is a kicker ; )  reminding us that most politics is personal.
  • We are reminded that not only was Lincoln a master politician, but he & his wife Mary (played by Sally Field) -- so often depicted as a psychotic mess -- were also bereaved parents, wrestling with the loss of one son and the potential loss of another (oldest son Robert, who desperately wants to enlist in the Union Army). There is a scene, midway through the movie, where they confront each other about their grief and their different ways of coping with their loss that had me in tears.


  1. Sundays are my favourite time too. Though the reason is that I don't like to walk out of the theater and have it dark. Unlike Josh who can watch movies and eat popcorn at the same time, unaffected, I get very wound up from movies. Especially something like Argo that was so intense. I loved that movie.

    And can you believe that I still have never seen a Bond movie? None of them. Not even on video. What the hell is wrong with me?

  2. Never seen a Bond movie? I'm shocked!

    I love your movie selections - they're all on my list of "Movies To See." I really want to see Argo - though a bit disappointed to hear that it has been "Hollywoodised" (though we should expect that these days!), and Lincoln, and we tried to see Skyfall on the weekend but the showings we wanted to go to were all booked out.

    I saw The Sessions with a friend recently and it was brilliant if you haven't seen it. The same friend recommended The Sapphires (Aussie) and Moonrise Kingdom, both of which I saw on the plane on holiday. And I'd recommend them too - two quirky, lovely little movies.

    And yes, we usually go on a Sunday afternoon or early evening, popping in for an Indian meal on the way home. (The joys of no kids!)

  3. We saw Lincoln this weekend too. It was incredible, and I was quite intrigued with the portrayal of Mary Todd Lincoln by Sally Field. I didn't know much about her and didn't know the Lincolns had lost a son.

    Diamonds Are Forever was also the first Bond movie I saw: my dad was a superfan, and I got really sick with pneumonia when I was 13, and he put the TV in my room and rented a bunch of Bond movies for me. I loved them.

  4. Sariel and I keep trying to make it to the matinee....there are so many movies I want to see!! In addition to yours - thanks for the suggestions!!! - I want to see Midnight's Children!

    Hmmmm.....might add this to my current 'list'.


  5. Ok, haven't been to the movies since "Titanic"!!! But I would like to see "Lincoln" with my sister at Christmas time.