Friday, June 28, 2013

Long weekend odds & ends

  • It's (finally) Friday.  It's a long weekend here (Canada Day, July 1st, a statutory holiday, is conveniently on a Monday this year), and I am off work for the rest of next week as well. I guess I could have saved the time for later or carry over to next year, since we will be off to see my mom & dad before long too... but I am glad I took the time. ; ) It was a stressful week at work, & I could use a break. 
  • I am also glad to have some time to spend with dh.  He is still adjusting to unemployment/early-than-expected retirement. He has been spending more time with his dad -- and he has been doing the housecleaning for me!  (And doing a good job of it, too.)(And no, I don't hire him out.) ; )  He's developed a taste for "Storage Wars" (!!)  Can you tell he's bored?
  • I also need to get organized.  About 10+ years ago, dh's cousins on his mom's side of the family decided we weren't seeing enough of each other any more, and so we began having an annual get-together/reunion at the end of summer (started off on the Labour Day weekend, but has gradually moved back into mid/late August). It started as a barbecue with everyone bringing something, but it was a pain to organize and there was always a ton of food left over.  These days, we all chip in & hire a caterer and the hosts just provide the setup, drinks & munchies. All the cousins have taken turns hosting to date...except.... guess who??   
  • I have 7 weeks to get ready. (And we will be away for two of them.)
  • I have been dreading this for 10 years, knowing that some day, it would be our turn.  Well, the day is at hand. I wish I were a natural entertainer, but I'm not. Once people are here, I enjoy myself -- but the planning & prep are nervewracking. I get anxious just having a few people over for coffee, never mind 40-odd people for dinner (even if it IS catered).  
  • Part of my anxiety is about the house & yard. There are a gazillion things that need doing to make the place presentable before entertaining anyone, let alone the in-laws. There's also the nagging (albeit totally self-inflicted) feeling that, being a mangiacake (non-Italian -- the lone one in the family) & also the lone childless adult woman, I'm already enough of an oddity -- so I'd better be a top-notch hostess, show off an immaculate and well-kept home, and throw a damned good party to make up for my shortcomings.
  • Besides getting some of the house & yard work done or organized while I'm off next week, I want to investigate caterers -- and canopy/tent rentals. We have a nice big backyard, thankfully, but it gets quite hot & sunny in the afternoon -- and should it start to rain (which it never has for this occasion -- knock wood...!!), the house is too small and not adequately configured to accommodate 40+ people for dinner.   
  • On a more positive note:  it's a long weekend. It's Canada Day. I am so very, very grateful that I was born and get to live in such an awesome country. : )
  • I had the bright idea to head up to the Toronto Eaton Centre at lunchtime today. They hae a Hallmark store & I had some cards to buy.  But it was Friday. Lunchtime. At the Toronto Eaton Centre, the busiest and most famous mall in Toronto -- make that all of Canada. Before a LONG weekend (not to mention it's Pride weekend here too). On the last day (or day after the last day) of school for most of the kids in this province. With tourists flooding into the city. And rain pouring outside (meaning that everyone wants to be inside instead). What on earth was I thinking??  :p   ; )


  1. dear Loribeth,
    I have never heard of an expression mangiacake. It is nice to learn a new word!

    I wish you a beautiful 9days off. Yes, you are lucky to be born in such a wonderful country!


  2. Yes, really, what WERE you thinking?! lol

    Good luck for the party hosting. Remember - you are the only one who sees the imperfections in the house and garden. So make a list of must-dos (and don't be over ambitious), and then relax, and enjoy the weekend.

  3. Wow! 40+ people in your house? That's quite and affair and I can completely understand why it would be stressful! Sending lots and lots of calming energy your way as you prepare for this gathering. May everything fall into place.

  4. GOOD LUCK in organizing the party! Enjoy the long weekend! I have a very short weekend this week, but next week I have the whole weekend off. :-D

  5. Hmmm - yard projects, and a husband who's at home.... That sounds like a fortuitous combination to me! But really, maybe your husband is a secretly repressed party planner and can take care of all the prep for you. Have you talked about who will be doing which tasks for the party? Maybe he's planning on doing more than you think. Try not to stress - I'm sure it will be a fantastic time.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  6. I was going to say to take advantage of your husband to help out with preparing for the party- but "Areyoukiddingme" took it all out of my mouth! Who knows, he might surprise you.