Sunday, July 28, 2013

Recent reading

I started writing this post a few weeks back & it has languished in my drafts folder. All these articles were included in one day's edition of the Globe & Mail, in the Life section & I thought they were worth sharing:
  • Why my family's back yard (not the beach) is the best escape:  I found myself nodding as I read this... there was so much I could relate to (you may recall that I recently wrote in a similar vein).  "For most people with relatively predictable lives, vacations are the sunny or snowy reward... As a self-employed person whose career feels like shooting down a two-storey water slide every day, I don’t have the residual time, focus or energy for any of it. At home, I’m reminded of who I was before I left: a dreamy kid reading magazines. While some seek an electrical charge from a vacation; others, calm and relaxation, I need the specific familiarity of where I came from, to be grounded by the values and interests and people that I had before I created my own (often weird, sometimes alienating) adult life. Even on a good day, it’s very different from the suburban tranquil where everyone else in my family still is." 
  • Why we agonize over destroyed possessions: I've always been much more attached to my "stuff" than dh. I liked reading an explanation of why "stuff" can mean so much to us. I know it's only stuff, and people are more important than things... but some things do mean something. I'm obviously not the only one! 
  • What is so wrong with having only one child?  I've seen this book in stores recently, have been reading interviews with the authors. Some of you who are struggling to have that second child may find some comfort in her words.
I'm on vacation right now & my computer time is limited but I am reading & commenting on blogs when I can. And reading a lot of books. :)  Reviews to come, eventually. :)  Hope you are enjoying the summer!


  1. I was robbed earlier in the year and the things that bother me most are those I will never be able to replace because they were moments in time. A necklace I got as a medal for a marathon. My great grandmothers engagement ring. A necklace my husband gave me to mark our first commitment to each other. A locket with a picture of myself and my sister as infants. My mother had just given me that recently and it is painful that it's lost. The monetary "value" of all of these things was quite small but the value to me was enormous and I miss them dearly. They are just things but I loved reading this - since it's the memory they hold and the story of us. Totally agree.

  2. Hoping you are having a lovely vacation. Thought I had responded to this, but obviously not! It made me think, but couldn't convey those thoughts on my iPad!

  3. hi, I support childless women & I've included your blog on my website (
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    Your blogs are great & you have a fantastic list of blogs, it's a great resource & much needed as there's very little available.
    Many thanks Lesley