Saturday, October 3, 2015

Recent reading

With the launch of Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month, stories related to loss and infertility are coming fast & thick into my various news & blog feeds.  A couple of great articles & posts I've come across recently:
  • Pamela of Silent Sorority offers her take on Kim Cattrall's comments about motherhood in a new forum called Slant. Quote:
    • "Women who are not mothers face the unique burden that parents don’t, namely, qualifying themselves as loving women. That is how we often end up in weirdly defensive positions. We are all but required to demonstrate that we are ‘mother-like’ in order to be accepted as the lesser of equals."
  • You can also comment on Pamela's related blog post, in which she also reflects on her RESOLVE award, five years later.  
  • Tony Award-winning Broadway actress Laura Benanti writes about her experience with "the Voldemort of women's health issues" for Huffington Post. 
    • Sample quote: "Why, if my neighbor sees me looking sad and asks me if I am okay, is it perfectly acceptable to tell her my aunt passed away, or I lost my job, or I had to put my dog down -- but if I tell her I experienced a miscarriage, I am somehow inappropriately oversharing?"


  1. I loved Pamela's Slant article. Definitely made a case for society to reexamine how we view women as being lovable.

    Was nodding along in Benanti's article too.

  2. Pamela's article was great, as usual. Loved the Benanti article too - the quote you picked out, and this one too. "Is this customary recommendation to wait 12-14 weeks before telling people designed to protect the mother, or those who might be made to feel uncomfortable if they knew a loss occurred?" I suspect the truth is the latter.

    Thanks for always giving us articles that make us think.