Saturday, February 20, 2016

Right now...

Right now... (an occasional meme)

Reading:  "The Baker's Daughter," another D.E. Stevenson novel (albeit not being discussed by my online group). This is the DES novel that I remember most clearly & fondly from my youth. It's all coming back to me as I read, and I am enjoying it all over again. :)

Watching: I'm not much for superheroes (although I've enjoyed the "Avengers" movies)... but I am getting a huge kick out of watching "Agent Carter" these past few weeks.  I just can't get into vampires and zombies -- but secret agents in 1940s Hollywood?  I'm in!  :)  
Listening:  For squirrels overhead (& hoping I won't hear anything... :p ). 

Following:  My online book group's discussion of D.E. Stevenson's "Listening Valley."  

Drinking: Ginger ale. 

Eating: Way too much junk food lately. :p Two visits to McDonalds in three days -- ugh. :p
Wearing: My post-layoff uniform of yoga pants & a T-shirt. :)  Comfort rules!!

Anticipating: Afternoon tea at the King Edward Hotel with dh's female cousins (the same ones I went to New York City with in fall 2013). :)
Contemplating:  Condos. (And a potential upcoming post on the subject. ;)  )

Loving: Being able to sleep in.  
Wondering: Why the formatting of this post is so wonky??? (Grrrrr.....)


  1. Condos! I'm contemplating them, too, but hubby isn't, unfortunately. I look forward to that post!

    Way too much junk food here as well. It's something about February, I swear.

  2. Many good things (except for the squirrels)! I also can't get into this generation of vampires, but am all about the spies. Will need to check this show out.

    So many thoughts on condos. Waiting to hear what you're thinking.

  3. Hoping the squirrels stay silent (and out!). Also feel you on the junk food....too much of that as of late in this house too. I also have a post brewing about house hunting (though not condos) so it will be fun to see how our experiences compare. :)