Monday, March 26, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: Odds & ends

  • Lying awake at 4:30 a.m. the other morning, I had several great ideas for blog posts. Do you think I can remember one of them?? So.... odds & ends it is for #MM (again)...! ;)  
  • I watched the #MarchForOurLives protest marches all day Saturday, knowing that some of you were out there in those massive crowds & cheering you on.  Got teary, over & over again, listening to those amazing kids -- knowing that mine would have been just a little older than most of them.  
    • Moment that made me grin: hearing The Clash on a loudspeaker as the march in Washington was getting started. :)  The kids are alright! (Wait, that's The Who... well, you get the idea...) 
  • Dave Cullen, who literally wrote the book on Columbine, has been writing about (& energized by) the Parkland kids for several publications. He spent Saturday with one of the Parkland students, Daniel Duff, and wrote about Duff's experiences at the march for Vanity Fair.  My not sure if I should laugh or cry moment while reading it:  Duff & a friend pose for a photo with some of the police officers providing security for the march:  
    • As the boys moved on, one of the cops called after them: “Make sure you use the hashtag #USCP when you share it on Facebook.”  The police were out of earshot now, and Duff chuckled and said to Servaites: “He thinks we still use Facebook.” (Kids, right?) 
  • Dh & I had our annual checkups with our family dr last week, and went to a local lab to get some blood drawn. I took the bandaid off a few hours later & couldn't even tell where the needle had been. The next morning, though, I was in the shower and shocked myself when I glimpsed a huge purple bruise in the crook of my elbow. Normally, I wouldn't think twice about it, especially since it's still long-sleeve weather here (and obviously, I had many, many such bruises while going through infertility treatment...!) but Younger Nephew's wedding is fast approaching -- and my dress has short sleeves. Here's hoping the bruising is gone by then...!  
  • An update: I blogged a few months ago about switching to an electric/power toothbrush. I've kept it up and so far, so good. Teeth have retained much of that post-hygienist cleaning smoothness, and the stains have been mostly held at bay. The toothbrush head was starting to look a bit dingy, though, so I switched to a new one a few days ago. Removed the old one, & OMG, the GUNK under there...! It was disgusting. (And that was going in my mouth??)  Yuck. :p  Note to self, need to switch heads more often...!! 
  • The sun has been shining more, and longer, since the time change (and it's made a huge difference in my frame of mind...!)... but it's still been pretty frickin' chilly out there. Hurry up, warm weather, Younger Nephew's wedding is coming up...  
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  1. I have this problem with 4 am blog post ideas too. Been thinking of keeping a blank journal by my bed for this reason.

    And yes about the March for Our Lives. Cheering all of them on and hoping to join them in the next march

  2. Haha. Oh dear, I guess I should change my toothbrush head....

  3. Oh man. Yes, cheers to March for Our Lives! And those elusive post ideas that come and then flit away... Cristy's idea for a blank book nearby is a good one.

    Oooh, I LOVE my electric toothbrush, but I get that gunk too. Bryce does not. He says I didn't learn how to brush my teeth correctly (I am a hot mess of foamy toothpaste everywhere. I am sure that the gunk is separated from your mouth, I'm not sure how it gets in there though... mysteries of life. It is real gross though. I coerce Bryce into changing heads for us because I literally gag when I see the gunk. In less gross news, the combo of electric toothbrush and Listerine Total Care mouthwash (the purple one) has me feeling dentist-fresh-and-smooth every dang day! Magic.

    I hope that bruise goes away before the wedding, those blood draw bruises are nasty. I always feel the need to announce that I don't do heroin when they bloom like that. Which is probably unnecessary.

  4. I'm always forgetting the most BRILLIANT blog posts ideas!

    I got quite emotional just looking at some of the Fb (yes, I still use it) coverage. A friend of mine was marching with her kids and friends (the group featured here -, and so it has been great to see kids all over the US being active.

    Your warm weather is on its way. It is feeling decidedly autumnal around here at the moment.

  5. I've written entire novels at 4:30 am. They evaporate as I wake up. But they were awesome, I tell you, awesome.

    Point taken about the toothbrush heads.