Monday, March 20, 2017

#MicroblogMondays: Equinox odds & ends

*  When in doubt re: what to blog about, bullet point odds & ends always work in a pinch. ;)
* (My apologies for the lack of true posts lately, let alone ALI-related ones. My blogging mojo seems to be on vacation. :p  )
*  It's the first day of spring... about time!!
*  I survived last week's root canal (although I'm not sure my credit card can say the same... OUCH.... and it seems I have already maxxed out my dental coverage for this period, with regular checkups/cleanings still to come -- not to mention two crowns, which are not covered at all). My jaw was sore & my mouth was tender for days afterward, though, and I only just started eating relatively solid food again (lots of soup last week!!).  I feel like I lost an entire week in recovery. And I'm still trying to be careful until I can get crowns placed on the tooth with the root canal, as well as on the broken tooth I had repaired a few weeks back.
* Adding to the "getting back to normal routines" vibe, spring break is over & the kids are back in school today. :)  The weather is also starting to get a bit nicer. Looking forward to starting a regular walking routine again, and exploring our new neighbourhood, and working off the extra pounds that have crept up on both of us (& dh in particular). We have both been way too sedentary over this winter...
*  SIL was supposed to return to work today too, but she's still not feeling 100% (recovering from surgery in late January) and has had her leave extended another few weeks. She was complaining to us about how HR screwed up her short-term disability payments, and as a result, her first week back will be unpaid. I wanted to tell her I know ALL ABOUT how HR can screw up a leave, but decided not to dig up an old personal grievance (and an uncomfortable reminder about my lost pregnancy) and make it all about me.

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  1. Hooray for surviving the root canal!! Ouch, but yay!

    And happy spring. May the warmer weather bring many wonderful moments and adventures.

  2. Ouch about the root canal. Glad it's behind you and you're healing.

  3. Ouch, root canal. SO glad that's over, although always disappointing how expensive dental work is! I feel like I'm coming out of hibernation, too, with being able to do more walking and getting outside now that it's lighter later and supposedly more springlike. We have a lot of rain in our forecast, but it's melting all the snow, so I guess that's good! I'm sorry to hear about your sister in law's HR issue, and how it brought up thoughts on your own experience. Argh. I hope the spring brings all good things -- more light every day is definitely helping the mood in my corner of the world, that's for sure.

  4. When in doubt, bullet points or list blogs are the best! I thoroughly agree.