Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Current

(An occasional meme, alternating from time to time with "Right Now.")

Current Book(s) -- Having just finished "Shoulder the Sky" by D.E. Stevenson, I am bookless at the moment. (Well, not really, with a whole wall full of bookshelves in the next room, lol, but you know what I mean...!)  I still haven't finished "Mr. Churchill's Secretary" by Susan Elia MacNeil, but it's not calling my name at the moment. I won't lack for choices of unread books in my collection, though...!  I also have a backlog of magazines to tackle.

Current Playlist -- I don't have any digital music on my phone, and (despite a shelf full of CDs) mostly listen to our local classic rock station on the radio. I have recently started listening to "The Axe Files" podcast with David Axelrod, former adviser to President Obama. Some really interesting guests and thoughtful, full-hour conversations.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure -- Finishing off the Coke & big bag of potato chips that I bought for Oscar night.  We try not to keep either item around the house, unless we're expecting company, but, Oscars. ;) 

Current Color -- I've been wearing lots of blue in various shades lately.

Current Drink -- My favourite Starbucks tea lattes (tall non-fat Royal English Breakfast). :)

Current Food -- Dinner tonight: pasta with chickpeas.

Current Favorite Show -- "Victoria" on PBS Masterpiece -- season finale this Sunday night (sniffle!).  A new season of "Who Do You Think You Are?" starts Sunday night too (hopefully not at the same time...!).  And "Designated Survivor" is back next week -- although I still have a few episodes PVRd from before Christmas that I need to catch up on first...

Current Wishlist -- Get the rest of our artwork/framed photos/etc. up on the walls. I think after 10 months here, it's about time, don't you??

Current Needs -- There's nothing that I need desperately at the moment, but we really do need to get some window coverings for the living room/main living area. I want something that doesn't interfere with the great view and the light, but that we can close up in the evenings for privacy -- particularly once the townhouses behind us are finished being built. I'm thinking vertical blinds, which we had at the house in the dining room.

Current Triumphs -- I recently solved a genealogical mystery that had been bugging me for a long time:  I was looking at a "Find a Grave" entry for one distant past relative, checked the cemetery index to see if his wife was buried there too, and not only found her grave but that of her father, another distant relative I had long wondered about.  He's not absolutely critical to my family tree, but I am glad to have found him at last!

Current Bane of my Existence -- Remember the leak from the sprinkler system in the ceiling of the walk-in closet in our entryway?  The leak was fixed FOUR WEEKS AGO, and yet the hole in the ceiling remains, despite repeated emails and visits to the property manager's office.  Supposedly someone is (finally!) coming to do the work tomorrow... fingers crossed!!  It's not just about the hole, of course -- when we first discovered the leak, we emptied the closet of almost all of its contents, and they've been sitting on the floor of my spare bedroom/office ever since then. It will be nice to finally get everything back where it belongs.

Current Celebrity Crush -- OK, this is going to sound totally geeky (and it's not a "crush" in the George Clooney sense, lol)(and maybe this should go in the "Current Favourite Show" category) but I am loving watching "Reliable Sources" on Sunday mornings on CNN with Brian Stelter, and am now a daily newsletter subscriber. As a former journalist/communicator (who is old enough to remember Watergate and its aftermath, and was inspired in part by Woodward & Bernstein and "All the President's Men"), issues related to journalism & freedom of the press are very important to me, and they are more important than ever right now. Brian always has great guests to discuss these issues that are near & dear to my heart. Plus, he & his wife are expecting a baby this spring, after two miscarriages and IVF.  :) 

Current Indulgence -- Bought new undies at both the Gap & Victoria's Secret last week, even though I don't really need them (I can barely close the drawer where I keep them, it's so full...!). ;) 

Current #1 Blessing -- Living close to dh's brother and his family. :)  It is so nice to see our nephews more often, and to be able to help SIL as she recovers from her surgery.

Current Slang or Saying -- Hmmm, not sure I have one.

Current Outfit -- Black yoga pants from Reitman's and comfy periwinkle blue sweatshirt from the Gap. I loved it so much I went back & bought another one in a different colour.

Current Excitement -- Planning my next Unique Lives & Experiences outing, featuring one of my all-time favourite singers, Linda Ronstadt!!  She'll be talking about living with Parkinson's disease, which has sadly robbed her of the ability to sing. The friend I bought season's tickets with is away right  now, but another friend has agreed to come with me and meet me for supper beforehand. I'm looking forward to it!

Current Mood -- Going a bit stir crazy and chomping at the bit for spring to arrive...!

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  1. I love these.
    I have Victoria recorded but not yet watched.
    Love blue.
    Don't stress about your picture frames. I put my kitchen in about 23 years ago, and it's still not finished! (Just time for a new kitchen. lol)
    Hope your ceiling hole has finally been fixed.
    Lol. My undie collection needs culling too!
    Ooh. Linda Ronstadt. You lucky thing!