Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sunday, March 22, 1998: Two blue lines!!

It was a snowy weekend, & dh & I were at the mall getting haircuts. While we were there, I ducked into the drugstore to buy a home pregnancy test. It was day 43 of my cycle, which was a little on the long side for me, although not unheard of. Earlier in the week, I had started spotting. Thinking my period was starting, I popped a few Motrin & broke out the box of pantiliners. But then it stopped. And started again. And stopped again. Very strange.

I'd been very tired recently, lots of cramping & headaches. I just figured it was PMS. One thing made sense in retrospect -- climbing the stairs to the commuter train platform lately had me totally winded. "Geez, are you ever out of shape!" I remember dh observing helpfully as I huffed & puffed up the stairs after him.

Could I be pregnant? I'd had long cycles a couple of times since going off the pills almost three years previously. What would usually happen: I'd take a home pregnancy test. Negative. A few more days would go by. I'd call the dr, get a blood test, & my period would usually start before I even got the results back. The longest cycle I'd ever had to date lasted 56 days.

I honestly figured I was in for more of the same when I took the box into the bathroom & peed on the stick that afternoon.

Almost immediately, a bright blue second line popped into view.

"Whaaaa.... OH MY GOD!" I shrieked. Dh came running. I showed him the stick. I started to cry. We sat on the floor of our bedroom & held each other. Was this really happening? After so many years of waiting, planning, hoping?

The next day at work, I called my family doctor's office on my cellphone, took an "extended lunch break" & took the subway up to his office for a 1:15 appointment. He took my blood, asked me if my breasts were sore. (Not really.) "I really hope you're pregnant," he said.

"Me too," I said.

That night I stayed up until 12:45 to watch the Oscars ("Titanic" won all the big awards). I could barely keep my eyes open, but I found it hard to sleep too, wondering what the next day would bring.

(P.S. The stick went into the garbage. I wish I'd kept it, but I had no idea at the time that people even did such things...!)


  1. what a memory to hold. and what a day of mixed emotions now. hope you're holding each other today too.

    thanks so much for your kind comment before. much appreciated. ~luna

  2. Sweetheart, my eyes skipped the title and I went into the post. And my heart was pounding.

    10 years. Wow, Lori--10 years.

  3. Hi Loribeth -

    What a lovely memory. I am sorry that today will be a difficult one for you.


  4. LOL, Melissa, I kind of wondered whether people would skip over the year in the header...!! Sorry, didn't mean to get you excited!

  5. Amazing isn't it, how so much can revolve around just two little lines.

    Hugs - thinking of you today.