Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend followup/fallout

I found an link to the Macleans article on international adoption that I mentioned in one of yesterday's posts. Let me know what you think, if you read it.

After I wrote about my cousin's pg 21-year-old daughter last night, my mom called back to say she'd heard from my uncle, & the baby arrived two weeks ago (!)(and yes, she has another outlandish sort of name with a weird spelling).

On this morning's train commute (40 minutes), we had to endure the conversation of two idiotic young girls yapping to each other (loudly) across the aisle from us. I said to dh that I would peg them as high schoolers, except they were obviously going to work (the one in particular is a regular, although we've had to endure similar conversations between the two of them before) & the one girl was talking about her toddler son. They both had that "like, you knoooowww" cadence to their voices, were chewing gum (with their mouths open!!) & the one girl was playing with her hair the entire trip -- I could see her doing it out of the corner of my eye, & it was driving me nuts.

Yep, people like that get to have kids...!!


  1. What an eye-opening article. The line about treating waiting adoptive parents with more dignity really hit home - I know people who have adopted from China, and who want to adopt as well. It makes me sad to think that well-intentioned policies will result in more suffering all around - parents who are waiting for a child to love, and children who are not adopted out due to these new rules. Sobering and thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I didn't read the article, but will look at it later.

    And I hate when I catch a glimpse of Moms that I think are undeserving of children. What's more is that I hate that I think I deserve one more. God, I am going to hell.

  3. ugh is all I can muster about the girls (notice I don't say women). haven't checked out the article yet.

  4. I read the maclean's article, just heart breaking.

    And as for the other mother's? Ugh. I have a friend who looks at them, and looks at her husband and says "start the car" as she imagines just grabbing them and running.

    I get that now.

  5. I just read that article in Macleans and forwarded to a couple of friends. Holy cow! They decribed the homestudy process very well. My husband and I could relate well to that one.

  6. Sorry you had to endure the mindless banter. I hate trains! I hate arrogant silly 20 somethings who stand down-wind and have 5 kids even more

  7. I wish more folks, the ones who mindlessly toss out international adoption recommendations, would read this article and think about what the whole process involves. I always dreamed of adopting from Russia, long before I knew about my IF, and it's just so sad that they'd rather warehouse HIV positive kids, for instance, than help them find good homes (there's a huge taboo against adoption in Russia).

    Now, there's no way--unless I go into investment banking--I'd ever be able to afford adoption or deal with the homestudy process, which sounds awful and almost prurient in some ways...So sad, really.