Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh, puh-leeeze!!!

Gimme a break...

Obama baby bump watch begins

"The American public simply seems to crave "pregnancy porn" -- tabloid photos of celebrities humanized by stretch marks and weight gain -- and so we search for it everywhere... it's hard not to see this renewed pregnancy gossip as part of the "momification of Michelle," a desire to cast her as the star of our new domestic soap opera. Everyone's watching, whether she likes it or not."

A good related article:

The momification of Michelle Obama

Anyone care to discuss?


  1. Let's think about this. Her daughters are 10 and 7. She's 44.

    Why are we even having this discussion. Never mind how rude it is to speculate about someone's reproductive status - I suspect we could safely say she's done.

  2. So not being rail thin means you must be pregnant? Cause when a Hollywood celebrity can't fit in a sub zero size anymore, it's cause they're pregnant. Oh, brother.

  3. In many ways, I'm glad the world is more open and so many more things are talked about publicly these days, like sexual orientation, cancer, and infertility to name a few.

    On the other hand, when I read stuff like this, I yearn for a time (long before my own lifetime, I admit) when privacy and modesty were valued and it was simply unacceptable to speculate on someone's reproductive life.

  4. I saw this on the cover of one of the rag mags in the checkout and I had to just roll my eyes.

    It made me think of the Kennedy's in the White House. Jackie Kennedy lost a son while her husband was in office. I am not sure if having an entire country mourning with you would be a comfort or a completely horrific digging into a very raw, very painful wound. You're so in the public eye as it is - she was such a fashion icon in her time, and having people really scrutinizing you . . . it would make me crazy.