Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August (already)

  • It's August 1st. Already. And yes, I am still in denial. ; )
  • Thanks so much for all your very kind comments on my last post. I have to admit, I didn't expect such a response. (Of course, isn't that always the way in blogging -- the posts you slave over, nobody notices, but you toss one off without thinking too much about it, and you get all kinds of comments...!)  I think I made my state of mind & body sound worse than it was (or maybe it just got better in the meantime). ; )
  • My boss was sick the day afterward... and I heard of several other people who had bad headaches, etc., over the last few days. I'm thinking the weather (humidity, barometric pressure... upcoming full moon??) may be at least partly to blame.
  • I can remember at least one other time, a weekend, where I felt awful, just totally off & brain fogged all day. And the next day at work (when I felt SO much better!), I heard all these other women talking about having migraines the day before, and blaming changes in the barometric pressure. And suddenly, it all made sense.
  • I am under a lot of stress at work this week -- big project to wrap up before I head out the door tomorrow for my extra-long weekend.
  • But today was actually a lot of fun. One of my coworkers has not just one but two cousins competing at the Olympics in London right now (cousins to each other), and both of them were competing today, less than two hours apart. (Do you think she is excited?? lol)  One won a silver medal in rowing this morning;  the other advanced through heats & a semi-final and will swim for a medal tomorrow. The entire office gathered around the TV set this afternoon to cheer her on. Building management has also set up two big screens in the concourse of our office tower, with tables & chairs where people can sit to eat their lunch or have their coffee breaks and watch the Games. They have done this for the past several Olympics (Winter & Summer), as well as World Cup soccer.  So much fun!! : )
  • I found this article in Salon today, about the media obsession with the athletes' moms, and with athletes who are moms. Amen. 
  • Watching "Dallas" right now. Of COURSE Rebecca is pregnant... and of COURSE, it's TWINS!! That's soap operas for you...! (But I still gotta love "Dallas," lol.)
  • Maeve Binchy passed away this week. I haven't read her last couple of books, but I read everything she'd written up to a point -- and loved it all. Did you know she didn't have any children?   


  1. Glad you're enjoying the Olympics. It really struck me the other day, that right now, people in pretty much every country in the world are aware that the Olympics are on, that the entire planet is united in playing games together. I really like that.

    The Salon article was a good one too. Thank goodness we haven't had that sort of coverage here.

  2. @Mali: Our TV coverage in Canada is probably not as good as BBC's, but light years better than NBC's. There was another article on Salon yesterday about an American living in Britain who was marvelling over how much better the BBC coverage was.

    Coming in to work today, I paused briefly to watch the screens in the concourse. There was an ad for PetroCanada, which ended with a tagline about "moms & dads" (of Olympians). At least poor old Dad got some recognition with this one. ; )

  3. Before I even read that article in Salon, I watched an interview with the 2 American beach volleyball players. While I was watching, all I could think was, "shut up about her being a mom already!!!" They were even asking her volleyball teammate more about that than the sport! So, then seeing the article in Salon validated me a bit. :) Note they don't interview the male players on how they handle their sport and family...

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  4. I saw a sportswoman being interviewed last night. She was holding her toddler in her arms after competing - and the interview didn't even mention the child, or the relationship. It was all about the sport. I immediately thought of your post.

  5. I'm thinking of you this weekend, Loribeth. (hugs)