Sunday, May 11, 2014

Voldemort Day 2014

(Voldemort Day = The Day Which Shall Not Be Named)(lol)

What sucked:
  • Being reminded (over & over again) that I'm not a mom.
  • Seeing the umpteen photos of happy moms & their kids on Facebook.  
  • Feeling like the odd woman out (not for the first time in my life, and not just for this reason). 
  • Thinking about my stillborn baby girl, and how happy I was the Mother's Day that I was expecting her. 
  • Thinking about the mother-in-law who died at the far-too-young age of 53 (same age I am now) before I was ever able to meet her.
  • Feeling sad/guilty that I don't live closer to my own mom. 
  • Listening to the stupid neighbourhood dogs barking nonstop all day long. :p
  • No movies playing that I really wanted to see (my usual choice of Voldemort Day avoidance activity).
  • Going to Tim Hortons for breakfast sandwiches in lieu of brunch at a nice restaurant (didn't want to endure the lineups nor the hordes of happy families) -- the one thing I ASKED to do today and was looking forward to -- and not only was the steeped tea machine broken (?!) we were told we had to wait 10 minutes to get hash browns with our combos. AFTER we had already paid for the combos. We finished our sandwiches, waited a few more minutes (well more than 10) & left without ever getting the hash browns. :p  (Most Timmys are pretty good/reliable, but this one has been particularly slow every time we've been there.)
  • Knowing that it's back to work tomorrow. :p 
What didn't suck:
  • Getting cyberhugs from special online friends.
  • Having a cousin send me a unexpected special message via Facebook. (Her brother & sister-in-law lost their first baby too.)
  • Seeing photos of my friends with their own moms, some of them vintage.
  • Despite the lack of steeped tea & hash browns, the breakfast sandwich at Timmy's WAS good (& hot). :)
  • Going to the mall for awhile after Timmy's and indulging in a little retail therapy. ;) 
  • Enjoying the smaller-than-usual crowds... except (lol)...
  • Giggling at the long lineup of desperate last-minute shoppers outside the Pandora store.
  • Gorgeous weather (about time...!!).
  • Having the windows open, with fresh air & sunshine filling the house (something I don't get to enjoy as much on weekdays when I'm at work).
  • Wearing capris & sandals for the first time this season. :)
  • A favourite pork chop & rice casserole for dinner.
  • Dessert:  salted caramel Haagen Dasz ice cream bar. :)
  • Spending a lazy afternoon on the couch with my laptop and the Sunday New York Times.
  • Looking forward to a four-day work week and an extra long weekend coming up. :) 
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  1. I took a hiatus from the FB today, just could not deal with it. Managed to avoid most Mother's Day wishes, except for one from the person at the McDonald's drive through:(
    Another one survived through.

  2. I don't like talking about Mother's Day on FB. We stayed at home. I was on a decluttering streak.

    That ice cream bar sounds really good. (AF in the house!) : P

  3. 14 good to 10 bad. Not speaking to the weight of the bad or the good. But one cannot sniff at salted caramel ice cream.

  4. Mental note for future..NEVER go on Facebook on THAT day. It was tough here on this end - even worse going into work today. It just doesn't get easier does it...

  5. You know, I still don't feel compelled to post photos of me and Boo on Facebook, MD day notwithstanding. Though Hubby's cousin posted a lovely note about well wishes for mothers and for those with empty arms which I thought was so great, I reposted it. I like your list though, great way of viewing things, especially with a Haagen Daz salted caramel bar. We used to go to a Timmy's that was brutally slow too. Drove me nuts.