Monday, November 24, 2014

#MicroblogMondays: Odds & ends

* Is this really the last week of November?? (Annual November post coming up shortly...)
* Christmas Eve is exactly one month from today. (You're welcome.)
*  I saw my first Elf on the Shelf photo/post on Facebook today.  Brace yourselves for the deluge...!
*  We've gone from snow & cold last week to temps of 14C with wind & rain today (high 50sF) -- and then back down close to 0C (= 32F) tomorrow. Crazy. (But -- it's not Buffalo...!!)
*   Aunt Flo is here today -- still as regular as she ever was, as I approach my 54th birthday (!!). I never thought I would still be dealing with her in retirement, but (as I have well learned) life can take some strange twists & turns sometimes...
* I made several phone calls today regarding medical records transfers (to my new family doctor) and dental insurance issues. All were answered & resolved within minutes. I think I should buy a lottery ticket.

And how is your Monday going?


  1. I was thinking about this the other day: there needs to be an anti-elf campaign. Photos of his taking a bubble bath or being generally lazy. Something to counter some of the nonsense (or simply to poke fun at it).

  2. The elf on the shelf thing is very American, in Europe we go to Christmas fairs. Or not, depending on behaviour. :-)
    My Monday was fairly spectacular, thank you for asking. Top events: a very good friend found out her third IVF was successful, although she thought it was another bust. And we found an Aussie babysitter, whom the children LOVE, and she is nice and can come when we have the Elton John concert. But the friend being pregnant is the best news, I have to say. We're quite close, I'm the only one who knew about all of the otherwise very secret quest and tries for a baby, and I am over the moon for her.

  3. Ugh, Elf on the Shelf. I thought that thing wasn't supposed to come down from the Pole until after Thanksgiving! Too early! Amazing that Christmas Eve is so soon. And agreed on the weather--crazypants.

  4. Egad. Christmas. Elves. NOOOOO! How did this happen?

    Hooray, though, for medical record miracles ... !

  5. This year is racing. I can't believe it's a month until Christmas.

  6. I hope you bought that lottery ticket! (And that when you win, a visit to NZ is on the list of ways-to-celebrate.)

  7. I hope you bought that lottery ticket! (And that a visit to NZ is one of the ways you'll celebrate!)

  8. I could burn all the Elves on the Shelves. I know that's horrible, but I just hate it. Thank you for giving me a space to voice that hate!