Monday, July 13, 2015

#MicroblogMondays: A room with a view

Thank you for your good wishes on our 30th anniversary last week. I published that post, turned off the computer, & headed out with dh for a two-and-a-half hour drive north to spend two nights at a well-known large resort (where a certain country-pop diva sang in the cabaret show in the late 1980s, before she hit the big time). This was the same resort where we spent our 10th anniversary, 20 years earlier, in 1995. In fact, we wound up staying in the same beachfront building, on the same ground floor, with the same beautiful view of the lake -- and when I later dug out my souvenirs of that earlier visit, I realized our room was right next door to the one we'd stayed in back then. (Thankfully, the rooms had been renovated, with updated décor, since then, lol.) 

20 years ago, I had just lost 35 pounds and bought myself a celebratory bikini to wear on the beach. I even submitted to my first-ever -- and only!! (lol) -- bikini wax in anticipation. Alas, the weekend turned out to be freezing cold -- and I don't think I ever did wear that bikini. The weather was warmer this time around, but unfortunately, it poured rain all the next day -- the one full day we were there (not that I had any plans to swim, let alone try wearing a bikini this time around, lol).

Happily, though, the deck of our unit was well sheltered from the rain, and we sat out there reading, dry & cozy & relaxed, for a good part of the afternoon. (The rain didn't deter some of the kids staying at the resort -- they were out in the lake in the middle of the downpour, having a blast.)  Before the rain hit, we were able to enjoy some walks around the vast resort (which includes not just one but two golf courses, and some pretty steep hills), drinks and snacks at the poolside patio bar, and an hour-long boat tour around the lake, where we got to gawk at some of the million-dollar mansions that pass for "cottages" among people with much bigger bank accounts than mine. ;)  We also had a very nice anniversary dinner at the resort's steakhouse, as well as some other lovely meals at other restaurants on the resort.

Probably our favourite thing, which we didn't get to do quite enough of, was to sit in the Muskoka chairs (I believe they are called "Adirondack chairs" in the States) on the stone patio jutting out from the beach, and just gaze out at the beauty around us. As you can imagine, this would be a spectacular sight in the fall, when the leaves have turned colour, and we are seriously considering a return visit then. :)  Wouldn't you??

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I unthinkingly tagged the resort in my caption for this photo on Facebook...
and was amused to get this comment from them:
"Great shot! Couldn't you just sit there all day?!"  Well, yeah, I probably could. ;)


  1. Sounds like a lovely anniversary trip! Congratulations.

  2. That sounds amazing... we love a good rainy day of reading and relaxing where there's not much else you could be doing, and so you can just feel free to embrace the coziness and curl up with that good book. I love the picture!

  3. Gorgeous! Glad you and DH had a great trip!

    I vote for a fall trip to see the beautiful colors!

  4. Sounds like a lovely trip. And yes, would be awesome to watch the autumn colours from that spot. :-)

  5. What a gorgeous place. I'm sorry that you also had rain, but it sounds like you had a fantastic trip.

  6. Oh, that sounds lovely - but what no bikini this trip? :) I think I know where that resort is. Looks heavenly.

  7. This sounds like a great way to spend a milestone. Congratulations again!!!

  8. Happy Anniversary! sounds like a great way to spend it! 30 years is a wonderful achievement. We just celebrated our 5th anniversary yesterday. The past two anniversaries we have stayed in town and gone back to the same historical park where we got married. It has been wonderful. (So are the memories made in other places, which we talk about and enjoy.)

  9. Congrats on 30 years. Wow. Happy to hear you partied like it's 1999. I mean 1995.