Monday, August 3, 2015

#MicroblogMondays: Post-vacation odds & ends

*  Back from a two-week visit with my parents. I had my laptop with me, but my time on it was limited. Not necessarily a bad thing. ;)
*  Got five books read :)  & will be writing some reviews shortly.
*  Flew home straight into the path of a big thunderstorm that we had no idea was coming. Sometimes ignorance is bliss... We had to circle outside the city for about half an hour before we got clearance to land, and could see some big black clouds & lightning bolts not too far away. Happily, it was a smooth landing & all was well.
*  Got home in time to watch the season ender of "Poldark" on PBS Masterpiece. Having read the books & seen the 1970s series, I knew what was coming, but I still bawled my eyes out. ALI caveat emptor! 
*  I think the show was doubly emotional for me because we are just days away from Aug. 5th & 7th.  :(  It always seems to sneak up on me, particularly when we've been on vacation.
*  And it doesn't help that Aunt Flo arrived this morning, several days earlier than usual. :p 
*  Dh has gone to see his dad, so I am enjoying some quiet time on the loveseat, readjusting.  I always find myself in a bit of a daze for a day or so after travelling, even when it's not a very long flight.
*  I have a blog reader full of posts to be read, so it's going to take awhile to catch up. What have I missed??

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  1. What did you miss? Beyond the zombie apocalypse, you mean? :-)

    Glad you're back. The storm picture was scary. And it's so funny -- since you mentioned it, I keep seeing Poldark ads.

  2. I've missed Poldark, so will have to download it or get a dvd sometime.

    Five books is very impressive for two weeks! I think reading and staying away from the laptop is probably very good for you. I've been reading some good (and average) books lately, but came to a screeching halt the last week. Need to get back into it.

    Hmmm - Aunt Flo arriving early? Could be the beginning of the end? Short cycles was definitely the marker for me. "Finally!" I hear you saying.

    Very scary storm. Though we've had gale force winds over the last 24 or so hours, disrupting flights into the city. Just glad that, unlike you, I didn't have to fly in during this.

    Nice to have you back!

  3. PS. Sending hugs - I know the next few days are never easy.

  4. Welcome back!! Sounds like it was a wonderful vacation.

    Thinking of you over the next few days. Many hugs.

  5. 5 books! I just finished one last week. That makes 2 in the past year. Eeks.

  6. Glad you are home safe and managed to land without incident! I am so curious what you read. Summer is my reading time, and I have done a miserable job of it, only having read 10 books since the end of June. Five books in two weeks sounds divine! I will be thinking of you on your days of remembrance.

  7. Book reviews now up: :)

  8. Peace to you in this difficult month.