Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Blogging odds & ends

  • I feel like I haven't been posting anything lately (let alone anything of importance), since I got back from vacation, and was thinking I should write some kind of apology. Just haven't felt overly inspired to write.
  • Then I looked and realizef this will be my 11th post in 26 days so far this month;  i.e., I've had a post of some sort just about every other day or so in August.  Granted, most of those posts have been either book reviews or #MicroblogMondays posts. But posts, nevertheless. So I guess I should stop fretting. ;)  The muse will return, eventually...!
  • Over the last few days, I've had the bizarre experience of watching my comments disappear one after another into the ether. It mostly happens on WordPress or self-hosted blogs, it seems. In some cases, I've tried to rewrite/repost the comment -- only to see that one disappear too.  I mentioned this in private emails to Mel & Mali, and both discovered my wayward comments lurking in their spam folders -- but there are quite a few more instances where I didn't get in touch with the blogger. Not sure exactly what I'm doing wrong (and if anyone has any suggestions, let me know...!)(I've run malware and virus scans, just in case, but that still didn't seem to help) -- but if I often comment on your WordPress/self-hosted blog posts and you haven't seen anything from me lately, have a look in your spam folder. There might be something there.  ;)  


  1. You're way ahead of me! I worry when I'm just doing #MicroblogMondays posts. Though I'm working on another project that may come to light ... one day.

    Weird that Wordpress seems to have put you on the No-Comment list! Especially when you're always such a thoughtful and valued commenter. I guess I'll have to write another post on A Separate Life (my wordpress blog) to see if you can comment!

  2. I go through phases too. Some months I only manage four or five posts. Other months it's three times that.

    Weird about the comments thing!

  3. I often have weird issues with commenting on blogger, where I'll hit publish and it gets eaten and then I have to refresh the whole page, log back in, etc, etc. it's very odd how many strange things can happen with commenting.