Monday, April 4, 2016

#MicroblogMondays: New toy :)

What I like (so far) about my new phone:

* Instant entertainment!! Wherever I go, whenever I want. ;)
* Having easy access to a camera. And it does take good photos.
*  The screen resolution is incredible -- much better than on my laptop.
* Not feeling like a dinosaur. :p  ;)

What I don't like:

* Feeling obligated to check out every little buzz & blip in case it's important (news flash: more often than not, it's not). 
* All the scrolling, watching words & images flash by, sometimes leaves me feeling a little woozy. :p
*My left wrist, forearm & shoulder are aching. (I'm right-handed, but I hold the phone in my left & swipe with my right hand fingers.)
* The teeny tiny keyboard. Haven't managed to get the hang of typing with my thumbs. I can type so much faster on my laptop. 
* How I inadvertently keep hitting the wrong buttons. I've turned on the flashlight (very cool, by the way...!) by accident umpteen times already. 

Thanks for all the suggestions for apps & other stuff -- much appreciated!

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  1. Try the swipe option on your keyboard. It's so much easier than trying to type with your thumbs.

    Also, I tend to keep wifi and mobile data turned off unless I want to use it or I'm waiting on something specific to arrive. That way I control the phone and its information, not the other way round.

    But yes, it's a great toy isn't it?

  2. That is why I love it, too: I can take dozens of books and movies with me, in my pocket! I have to go somewhere tomorrow where I'll be waiting for a bit, and I can read a book without carrying anything new with me. But yeah, you have to turn off notifications or it will drive you crazy. The only things I accept notifications for are text messages and FaceTime and Skype. And they only go off maybe once or twice per day.

  3. You can turn off the notifications. I don't type with my thumbs, I hunt and peck. So I rarely use it for extended typing. Prefer my laptop for that. Love reading Flipboard for news.

  4. Yes, definitely turn off notifications unless it's something you want to be notified of! It's a pain to go into each app and disable things, but it's worth it to stop the constant buzzing or dinging or what-have-you.

  5. My notifications are turned off as well, except for text messages. And I have never mastered thumb typing, but I'm damned quick with my index finger! I have trouble understanding why anyone wouldn't want a smart phone- they're just so much fun! Enjoy!