Monday, April 25, 2016

#MicroblogMondays: A bit about the move

Well, take a deep breath" turned out to be good advice.  Here are a few things that happened to us before, during & after the move this past weekend.

* I didn't realize until the day was almost upon us, but it was a full moon that night. Need I say more??
* Some people can be complete & utter jerks even when you've bent over backward to accommodate them and be nice to them. :p  Hopefully, karma will eventually rule. ;)
* There was a last-minute monkey wrench tossed our way that threated to derail or at least delay the closing (see above). (And unfortunately, this was not the first monkey wrench tossed our way by these people over the past few weeks.)  I was already completely stressed out & emotional about leaving our home of 26 years, and this did NOT help matters. :p
* On top of this, because of a miscommunication between us and then a safety issue with the truck (not their fault), the movers we hired were two & a half hours late in arriving to load the truck with our belongings.
*  That said, the movers really were awesome and worked extra hard to make it up to us. We would be happy to recommend them to anyone local. (Ditto our lawyers!) 
* By the time we wrapped things up at the house, it was almost 9:30, and we didn't get to our new condo until 10. (Needless to say, we were exhausted.)
* Meanwhile, our agent picked up the condo key on our behalf and delivered it to BIL. When we arrived at the condo after 10, hungry & exhausted, they were all there -- nephews & fiancées included -- with coffee & hugs, and took us home for a very late dinner (after which we slept on their couches). They had been there for hours, cleaning on our behalf.  (Who knew there were so many dust bunnies lurking under all that lovely furniture the sellers had??) What a sight they were for sore, tired eyes!!  I still tear up thinking about it.
* We are slowly -- slowly!! -- unpacking and organizing and learning how the new appliances work and where all the light switches are, etc. ;) 
* I still can't believe this is my home and my life now. Dh said he feels like we're staying at a really nice hotel -- I had to agree, lol. 

I could keep writing -- but there are more boxes to unpack, lol.  ;)  Much more to come in the future, I am sure!

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  1. Ugh! Sorry about all of the wrenches, but so glad that it's done and over with and that you're in your new home!

  2. I remember many nights of wanting to cry during our move. And there are now nights as we prepare to sell when I find myself wanting to cry again. Selling is hard. Moving is hard. Combined, it's enough to make the average person drink.

    Glad you are on the other side. And I do believe in karma.

  3. I'm so glad that the move went well (or, as well as any move can go since they're always so stressful). I love that everyone was there to greet you, and that they were taking care of the space. That made me smile.

  4. Oh wow, I teared up too at the thought of your family there waiting for you after a long, exhausting, emotional day.

    It'll take a while to realise this really nice hotel you're staying at is actually HOME. (Do you get room service? lol) But one day, you'll walk through a door, and realise that it feels like home.

  5. Phew, moving is a big deal. Glad to hear it went fairly smoothly!

  6. Hhhmm, really Loribeth!!! Moving on the day of a Full moon – pushing your luck or what?
    (Hubby works in the health system and swears by the full moon phenomenon).

    I’m sorry to hear about the hiccups on such a stressful day. Let’s hope karma isn’t far away.

    Super impressed with your BIL and family! What a fantastic way for them to show their support to you both.

  7. Congrats on the move!! It sounds like you have a very sweet family and I'm so glad they were there for you at the end of a long day. Hope the settling in goes smoothly :)

  8. I have never had a good experience in the sale of a home. If it's not the new buyers being total jerks (like the girl who bought my condo that didn't want to refund my overpayment of the termite inspection. She said "It's just $10!" I said, "well, if it's just $10 to me, it's just $10 to you, and I'd like my refund." That was just the cherry on top of the annoying things she did.), it's the realtor failing to do their job (like the guy who represented my mom when she was selling our childhood home, who urged her to take a really low offer without negotiating, because he just wanted his commission). Real estate transactions are THE WORST! BUT! It's over now, and you can settle happily in your new with stories to tell about how annoying people can be.

    How lovely that your family was able to be there for you! Enjoy your new life in your new home!