Monday, July 11, 2016

#MicroblogMondays: Odds & ends & followups

* The bridal shower yesterday went very well -- but I am exhausted, lol.
* I made six pans of graham cracker treats on Friday for the sweet table at the shower -- which worked out to more than 160 square pieces -- and they ALL disappeared. The bride's aunt came to my table, wide-eyed, & said, "WHAT IS THAT?? HOW did you do it??" I wrote out the recipe for her on a paper napkin, lol. (After six pans, I know it by heart!) 
* I was trying not to think about Katie too much, and mostly succeeded. It was an emotional enough event to deal with as it was. So proud of my nephews. :)  But how did they get to be so grown up???
* I had what the dr agrees was likely a gallbladder attack about a week ago, & have been trying to watch what I eat since then. The shower yesterday probably did not help matters. Did I mention we are leaving shortly on a road trip??  And of course, everyone knows the healthiest eating is always found on road trips... :p   Healthy vibes appreciated... I so want to enjoy this vacation.   
* It seems Andrea Leadsom, the UK Conservative politician who caused a kerfuffle by implying her motherhood made her a better candidate than her childless (also female) rival for the party leadership (& prime ministership)(as I blogged about here), has resigned (after apologizing for her remarks), thus making Theresa May the default winner.
*  And so Britain has a female prime minister (again). I well remember Margaret Thatcher, and I know that being a woman is no guarantee of good leadership. But it's still (sadly) uncommon enough to be a thrill, and while I really don't know anything about the woman, I can't help but think that she won't do any worse than the men already have. And I can't help but think that now that the men have mucked everything up (e.g., Brexit), they've all taken their marbles & gone home (case in point: David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage...) and left the mess for the women to clean up. Typical...!! ;) 
* Not to add to the female cattiness flying around re: these two women, but Leadsom, at 53, is two years YOUNGER than me, and May, at 59, is four years older. I look at the photos of both of them and think "I don't look THAT old, do I??!"  :p  ;)  (Of course, political life is not exactly a great anti-aging strategy, is it??)
*  Two good blogposts about the controversy, and why it was so problematic: here and here

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  1. Glad to hear the shower went well. And yay for all the cookies being eaten.

    I can not believe that someone would use motherhood as a reason for making one a good candidate. Judge the person and their track-record, not their ability to breed.

  2. You definitely don't look that old! In fact, if I didn't know your age and saw a picture of you, I'd be flabbergasted to find out that you're older than 50. I'm not just saying that either.

    Stinks about the gallbladder. I've had a couple of gallbladder attacks every year since I was 20 (damn thing functions just well enough that they won't take it out). I can keep it in check for the most part by watching my diet. My biggest triggers are anything with pork in it or really greasy foods. Occasionally I'll test it out with pork (like a small slice of pepperoni pizza) and it always acts up. Oh how I miss bacon.....

    1. Yesterday's shower was a brunch buffet... I had two slices of bacon & one small pork sausage. Hmmm... I have not had another attack (knocking wood), just that vague burning feeling under my right shoulder blade that indicates all is not 100%. :p

  3. I am also glad that the shower went well. I would love to try (at least) one cookie!

  4. I have to say, I've been quite encouraged that Andrea Leadsom's comments caused such a furore. And yes, like you, it's rare enough to see women running a country to be pleased.

    Glad the shower went well, and that your cookies were so popular. We don't have graham crackers, otherwise I would try out your recipe!

    And no, you don't look old. I must admit, occasionally I look in the mirror at the gym, and feel I look like an old lady! Though after a shower and with some make-up on, I feel (and look??? maybe!) ten years younger.

  5. I agree; sorry to add to any cattiness but both Leadsom and May look fairly haggard (apologies if that's horrible, but I was shocked that they do both look older than their ages). Nasty Leadsom looks much worse than the older May does (haha - it's kids that does that) - like a frumpy granny. I think May is OK but you can tell she's had loads of stress - a good advert for avoiding a life of high-pressure and ambition (I tell myself).

  6. That does suck about the gallbladder. Maybe bring good snacks for the road?

    The only thing I know about Theresa May is that she's anti-immigration (

  7. May the road trip be full of joy and adventure (the fun kind) and may your gall bladder stay calm. I hadn't followed that about UK politics -- off to read some of your links...

  8. Ahhh be careful with the gallbladder, I had attacks for two weeks then had to have mine removed in an emergency surgery a week before my wedding! In my experience once it starts acting up it doesn't stop so it's better to just get rid of it. Enjoy your road trip and good luck!