Monday, October 2, 2017

#MicroblogMondays: The odds (& ends) of early October

  • I realize I've been silent for the past two weeks or so -- haven't even gotten in much reading or commenting -- but it's been very busy.  
  • Dh, BIL & SIL & I took a little road trip last week (three days/two nights = one full day). Had a great time, and have been trying to catch up on sleep & laundry since we got back. (Specific trip post with some photos to come, eventually...)  
  • The weather there went from very hot & humid to pretty darned chilly overnight. I packed capris & sandals, long jeans, a denim jacket, shoes & socks. They all came in handy. 
  • (Perhaps partly because of the dramatic shift in the weather?) Upon our return, poor dh came down with a bad cold. I've been playing nurse (& trying not to catch it myself...!).  
  • I did all the research for the trip and chose the hotel -- which, thankfully, everyone thought was great, as well as the place an online friend had recommended for dinner. Huge relief for me!
  • We also had a visitation & funeral to attend immediately upon our return. I think it was Mali who noted in a recent comment that we seem to have been attending more than a few funerals lately. I recently counted up the funeral cards I've collected over the past six months or so:  6.  They include dh's cousin's FIL, another cousin's MIL, another cousin's aunt (whom dh knew well as a child), a good friend of dh's father, Oldest Nephew's MIL's boyfriend's father (got that??), and (most recently) FIL's FIL (stepMIL's father, who was 96 -- just 8 years older than FIL, who is 88!). (My parents also attended a celebration of life last week for a good friend of almost 50 years, who died suddenly at age 81.)  We only attended the funeral mass for FIL's FIL;  the others were just funeral home visitations, and I didn't really know most of them, or know them very well... but still. I guess it's the age we & our peers -- or, more specifically, their parents -- are at now. :(  
  • The weather is still pretty nice, and the leaves have only just barely begun changing colour, but it's definitely fall now! 
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  1. Welcome back! Glad you had a wonderful trip with BIL and SIL. Very sorry about DH being sick. Also sorry about the funerals.

    May you enjoy the weather.

  2. My DH has also been sick the last week, and then of course a couple of days later I succumbed too.

    Glad you had a lovely time away, and well done on the great hotel and restaurant choices!

    October is so pretty up there in northern climes, so enjoy and take a few photos for us!

  3. That's a lot of funerals! Not easy attending so many.
    Funny to hear 'I packed capris & sandals' - here we are hunkering down into a dreary winter. I didn't even get to wear sandals here in May, June, July or August. That's Ireland.