Monday, May 21, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: Victoria Day odds & ends

  • It's the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada (the only place in the world that still celebrates Queen Victoria's birthday, in recognition of her role in our history -- plus, who doesn't love an excuse for a long weekend, right?? lol).  
  • Here in Ontario, this has always been a weekend for fireworks, as much or even more so than Canada Day in July.  The laws for buying and setting off home fireworks are much more liberal than they are in Manitoba (or at least were, when I was growing up), and even when we were living in our house, we could often see neighbourhood fireworks displays from our upstairs windows. Here in our 4th floor condo, we had a great view of some of the neighbourhood fireworks last night (and there will probably be more tonight). The best & closest started after we had gone to bed, but I opened up our bedroom curtains & watched them in the darkness while lying in bed. :)  
  • Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers for my FIL.  Dh & I went to see him on Saturday, along with BIL & SIL.  He knew all of us this time, and dh thought he looked and sounded much better than he had on Thursday (he'd had seven (!) cookies with his coffee that morning -- perhaps a sugar rush??), but he is still very thin and frail. I am sure there will be good days & bad days in the days & weeks ahead. We are taking him to another medical appointment tomorrow and will see how he is then... 
  • My beloved Winnipeg Jets went down to defeat at home yesterday afternoon against the Las Vegas Knights, who will now play in the Stanley Cup finals against either the Washington Capitals or Tampa Bay Lightning (which seems totally bizarre to me -- Las Vegas or Tampa Bay, the champion of Canada's national sport??).  :(  You have to hand it to Las Vegas, though -- this is only their first year of existence, and yet here they are, potential Stanley Cup champions. Still, the Jets went further than they ever had before (since they joined the NHL back in 1979, anyway... I kept thinking back to the magical day when I was in high school and heard on the radio one morning as I was getting ready for school that they were finally being admitted to the NHL.  So much has happened in the 40-odd years since then...!)  Here's hoping for next year...!  ;)   
  • If you haven't already seen last night's episode of the The Handmaid's Tale (episode 5), you may or may not appreciate a spoiler alert:  the plot involves a potential miscarriage, including copious amounts of blood on toilet paper, underwear and in the bathtub.  As the New York Times's review of the episode notes, it's "a common female experience that we almost never see on television."  (They were referring to the blood itself, but I suppose they could also be referring to the potential miscarriage too.)  

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  1. I always find long weekends very disconcerting, and often forget to write my Microblog Mondays post till Tuesday! So well done!

    Will be watching Handmaid's Tale in the next day or two - when I have psyched myself up for it! lol Thanks for the heads up.

    Sorry about your team going down. I heard the result yesterday I think, and immediately thought of you. And yes, the establishment of new franchises and their instant success just shows the power of money in sport, doesn't it?

    And last but not leat, I hope your FIL has more good days ahead of him.

  2. Oooh, fireworks! Long weekends are lovely, but I feel like you pay for the extra day on the four other weekdays. It is so nice to have a bit of a holiday though! Thanks for the heads up on the Handmaid's Tale... I haven't started Season 2 yet but yeesh. Good to know. I hope for good days for your FIL, as well.