Tuesday, May 29, 2018

When a door closes...

A Facebook find that resonated with me...
(Sometimes easier said than done, of course...!) 


  1. I love your FB find. And I love the quote that Italians use very often: "Quando si chiude una porta, si apre un portone."

  2. Love this! You find the best stuff. It's such a hard lesson to learn, though... That hope can be a great driver but also a great driver of you straight into the ground.

  3. I like that. Except that I'll replace "period" (which has the AF meaning here) with "full stop."

  4. Love it. The sentiment is similar to something Jess (MyPathtoMommyhood) posted last year that resonated for me.

    Tenacity is overrated and overvalued. Acceptance is underrated and undervalued.