Monday, May 20, 2019

#MicroblogMondays: We are amused :)

Today is Victoria Day, a statutory holiday unique to Canada that celebrates Queen Victoria's birthday & her role in our country's history. (Her birthday was actually May 24th, but as has become common in recent years, the powers-that-be changed the official holiday to ensure we get a long weekend in May to unofficially kick off summer.) 

Her Majesty, of course, was famous for supposedly saying, "We are not amused." But what's more amusing/fun than a long weekend?? 

I will admit that my life lately has not been particularly exciting... but here are a few things/small pleasures that are amusing me right now:  :) 

  • Watching traditional Victoria Day fireworks in the neighbourhood every night this weekend from the windows/balcony of our condo (and there may be more later tonight). The kid in me still loves a good fireworks display. :)  
  • Older Nephew's dog -- always entertaining. :) Got to spend some time spoiling him and taking him for a walk on Saturday. 
  • After-dinner gelatos with dh, BIL & SIL on Saturday night. 
  • Playing Internet detective & trying to track down some old school friends I've lost touch with via Google. 
  • Following the reviews & social media reaction to the "Game of Thrones" finale -- even though I've never watched a single episode myself. ;)  
  • Endless games of Spider Solitaire on my cellphone. 
  • Watching reruns of "Bob's Burgers."
  • Books. Always books. ;)  And spending time at the local bookstore (it was open today, even though most stores are closed).(New review coming shortly!) 

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  1. nice! i'm glad you enjoyed your long weekend. Here in the states our long weekend (Memorial Day) is coming up and I am sooo excited to have an extra day off from work.

  2. Happy long weekend! I love fireworks, too, from a distance. That's so cool that you can see them from your condo. I have been following all the GOT drama as well, although I'm seasons behind... It's just too fascinating not to! And wow, you are on fire with your reading challenge! Excited for your new review.

  3. Did you used to watch Bewitched? That's when I first heard "We are not amused" from a conjured Queen Victoria.

    Lovely list of small pleasures.