Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Odds & ends: An update

  •  Not too long after I posted my #MicroblogMondays post yesterday, noting that the area where I live was still stuck in Stage 1, the premier held a news conference where he announced that Stage 2 reopenings will begin in more regions outside of Toronto this Friday -- including the region where we now live, and the region where we used to live, which is where we still go to get our hair cut.  
    • I am not in any rush to head to the mall or sit on a restaurant patio, etc. etc. -- but haircut?  YES, PLEASE!! (It's been 16 weeks;  normally we get trims every 6 weeks like clockwork.  I feel SO FRUMPY!!) 
    • "I wonder if I could at least leave a voice mail at the salon to ask about an appointment??" I said to dh as I grabbed the phone & started dialing, about 30 seconds after the news notification flashed across my phone screen. He later joked to BIL that he's never seen me move so fast, lol.  
    • As it turns out, someone answered the phone immediately (the owner, I think?). She told me the salon has closed (?? -- permanently, from the sounds of it?) but she'd have our stylist call me. She did, a few minutes later. She will be going back to work at a different salon -- which, believe it or not, is a two-minute walk from our old house! In fact, my mom used to get her hair done there whenever she came to visit me! She still has to talk to the owners about her schedule and what the new protocols/precautions will be, etc., but she will call me back in a few days to set something up. 
    • I CAN'T WAIT. 
  • We took little Great-Nephew's baptism presents over to BIL's house last night. He'd had a cranky afternoon -- no nap! after his big day on Sunday, too! -- and had just fallen asleep -- and slept on through to the next morning! -- so we didn't get to see him or his mom. :(  But we did have a nice visit with BIL, SIL, Older Nephew -- and the dog, lol. We wore our masks initially but eventually took them off & stayed for coffee & the remnants of Great-Nephew's baptism cake, sitting as far apart as we could on both the living room couches & at the table. No contact, definitely no hugs. I will admit I felt a little bit leery -- I would have preferred to sit outside on the deck, as we did on our last visit -- but dh was clearly having a good time, and they were all very happy to see us. (We cleaned our hands with Purell as soon as we got in the car, and washed them thoroughly as soon as we got home again.) 
    • SIL confessed she's called HER stylist too, and begged for an appointment ASAP. :) 
    • BIL said to dh on the phone this morning, "It's over now, you can come over any time." Ummm, NO, it's NOT!!   

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  1. I'm laughing at the upper case BOLD letters! Good luck for your haircut. I was about to get mine done, but a friend told me last night she liked the way I had styled it, so I might stick it out for a bit longer.

    I'm glad you got to have a visit with BIL and family and dog (who is a part of the family too of course). It's not over though. It won't be for a long time! We all have to be careful. As our DG of Health keeps saying, "a pandemic is raging outside our shores." We were given proof of that yesterday! Though we did go out with friends last night, and enjoyed a big hug with them. It was so lovely to relax and enjoy someone else's company for a change!