Sunday, June 21, 2020

Father's Day/COVID-19 odds & ends

  • It's Father's Day -- a very quiet, subdued one. I raided my blank card/note stash once again to make sure dh got the traditional card (at least).  Our usual Sunday afternoon activity (& especially on occasions like Mother's & Father's Day) would be to go to the movies -- but the theatres are still not open here.  It's too hot & humid (currently 30C/36C humidex) to go out for a walk, and there are too many happy families running around -- even with COVID (and without masks!) --  to venture to the bookstore or gelato shop. If we wanted to head to a store, we'd both rather do it during the week when it's quieter. 
    • I suppose we could have gone to the cemetery to visit FIL (& MIL), or further down the road to visit Katie in her cemetery (haven't been there since February -- I think her Christmas decorations are still up...!) -- but it's at least a 30-45-minute drive (one way) on a very hot day, with little else we could do once we got there, with so many closures & restrictions in place. Another time. 
    • I'll call my own dad later this afternoon. 
  • Dh admitted last night that he sometimes gets jealous of BIL and his obvious pleasure in being a grandfather. BIL has a huge heart, and he's always been very generous about including us in things and assuring us that we are an important part of the family, that we have an important role to play in the lives of his sons & grandson (our two nephews and great-nephew). But like most parents/grandparents, he can be kind of clueless sometimes. ;)  
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COVID-19/pandemic updates: 
  • En route to BIL's for a visit on Friday night, we stopped at the supermarket to pick up something from the bakery to have with our coffee. I waited in the car while dh put on a mask and went in. I've barely been outside at all in the past three months, let alone anywhere where there's lots of people. So it was kind of jaring to see that the parking lot was packed -- it WAS rush hour on a Friday night. I was also shocked at how many people were NOT wearing masks -- and had (unmasked) kids in tow with them too!  Dh says most people have been masked when he's been there grocery shopping -- but of course he normally goes early in the morning, when it's far less busy.  
  • In a similar vein -- local restaurants are still not allowed to open their dining rooms, but as of Friday, they *are* now allowed to offer outdoor/patio dining (with social distancing & other precautions), in addition to takeout & delivery. We ordered takeout from one of our favourite restaurants on Saturday night and, when he returned with our food, dh reported the patio was PACKED, with a long line of people waiting. No masks to be seen there either.  I know you can't wear masks and eat ;)  but you would think people might want to wear masks until their food arrives, or at least while they're waiting in line...?? 
  • And finally.... the time is drawing near!!  After SEVENTEEN (17!!) weeks, we will FINALLY be getting haircuts on Friday afternoon!!  Our stylist called me (this past) Friday afternoon to let us know her new schedule, and I booked our appointments on the spot. She explained that we must call when we arrive, and someone will unlock the door to let us in -- one at a time (the other person will have to wait in the car, or elsewhere outside). No purses allowed -- just a cellphone & payment method (presumably credit or debit card).  Masks must be worn -- we can bring our own or buy a disposable one for $1. The capes are now disposable as well.  She will only wet our hair with water from a spray bottle (vs a complete shampoo -- which they will only do if you're having colour done), and she will not blow dry our hair. Fine with me -- just get out those scissors, lol. As I have said before -- I have no great desire to go to the mall or a restaurant or whatever -- but I am desperate for a haircut!  


  1. It's bittersweet, isn't it? Being close to your BIL and being able to be part of the life of your nephews and great-nephew, but also being reminded on such a regular basis what you don't have. I don't know your DH (though I feel like I do), but my reaction is to want to send him a (safe) hug.

    I avoid movie theatres like the plague (oooh, bad analogy in the midst of a pandemic) on Mother's or Father's Day after being wished a happy mother's day once as I bought tickets! You're braver than me. And we do all our hanging out in places during the week these days, except at our favourite brunch place.

    I think if you are still having community transmission, you guys are being wise to stay away from crowds. It is amazing how many people ignore the warnings, and will do something because they can, not because it is wise. (A niece in the US flew (!!) from California to Texas to go to the beach (more !!!!) with her college friends. Good grief!)

    Yay to haircuts!! I've decided (I think) to grow out my grey, so I'm delaying getting mine cut - so far so good.

  2. Very excited (and a little jealous!) about you getting haircuts.

    I found myself breathing deeply about your DH and his brother, the grandfather. Simply abiding with you both as you move through this new ring of the effects of babyloss. It has so many long-reaching tentacles.


  3. Woo hoo, haircut! Mine's on Wednesday. I echo what others say about the bittersweetness of your great nephew, and the tentacles of loss. Sending you so much love!