Wednesday, April 7, 2021

48+ hours post vaxx...

  • 48+ hours post-vaccine, my left arm/shoulder is still just a wee bit sore, but otherwise, I am feeling pretty much back to my old self, thank goodness.  BIL & SIL report they're feeling no side effects from their shots yesterday too. 
    • Currently, second shots are not being administered until 16 weeks after the first (!) -- which would take us to mid-July. It won't come soon enough...! 
  • Little Great-Nephew was as good as gold for the hour we stayed with him yesterday afternoon, while his parents went to the lawyer's office about their new house and the grandparents went for their own first vaccine appointments. (The dog was more trouble than he was, lol.)  There was one moment where he went over to the door & looked around with this confused expression on his face (like, "where is everyone?") and I thought, "Uh-oh, here come the tears!"  but he was fine. Watched his favourite kiddie program on Netflix, played on a toy xylophone, opened and shut cupboard doors & pulled things out from them, flipped through a board book, rearranged magnetic letters on the refrigerator (and dropped some into the dog's water dish, lol). I don't know what HE thought, but we had a blast. :)  
    • I said to dh, "Someday when he's older, we'll have to tell him that he was the very best thing about a very crappy year."  :)  
  • It's been less than a week since our provincial government implemented a "shutdown" (as opposed to a "lockdown") -- which basically meant tinkering around the edges a little with the (already too few) restrictions currently in place (many of which had just been lifted or lightened).  As I mentioned in this post
Honestly, it's not so much the lockdowns themselves I find hard (because we've been pretty much staying home in isolation for most of the past 12 months anyway);  it's the half-assed way they are implemented, and then lifted -- too early -- and the constant back and forthing and tinkering around the edges as to what can open and to what extent and what stays closed...  I mean, I know we're dealing with a lot of unknowns and constantly moving variables here, but COME ON...

So with new daily case rates rising/at near-record levels (again), ICUs near capacity, and doctors literally begging for more stringent measures to be implemented, the premier (FINALLY)  announced yet another stay-at-home order for (at least) the next four weeks, starting tomorrow -- the third in a little over a year. Let's hope they keep this one in place until it's clear it's worked -- and in the meantime, vaccinate people like crazy. (Although that hasn't been going that well either...!

(I will admit I haven't been following the school-related drama that closely, since I don't have a dog in that hunt, so to speak... but several regions have closed their schools within the last few days. Teachers hereabouts (and other "essential workers") have NOT been vaccinated yet -- not scheduled to be until JUNE -- which seems pretty ridiculous to me -- and many people are urging the province to step up and vaccinate them during this time when they'll be out of the classroom.) 


  1. "Someday when he's older, we'll have to tell him that he was the very best thing about a very crappy year." Put it in your calendar on a bring-up for 10 years time! That will be such a lovely comment for him to hear.

    It seems phenomenal to me that so many administrations (world-wide) have seen that lifting restrictions too early has led to disaster, and by not enforcing them, people have been under restrictions for longer than they would have been otherwise. Sigh. I guess the stay-at-home order makes little difference to you as you've been doing it anyway. But it still sucks. So glad that you've had your first dose and now feel largely over the side effects.

  2. I agree with Mali, that is the most lovely idea to remind your great nephew that he was the light in this dark time <3

  3. Mali and The Barrenness beat me to it: loved your emphatic head nod to LGN's presence.