Thursday, December 6, 2007

Just not my day...

Here are the highlights (not) of my work day yesterday:

1. Proud new dad on parental leave drops by the office with his baby daughter, age 5 months, resplendent in pink. And I got to share the elevator with them as they were leaving, those big innocent blue eyes fixed on me the whole trip down.

2. 20-something co-worker (who knows nothing of my reproductive history) tells me her 20-something friend, 8 months pregnant, is upset -- because she can't go to a BAR tonight!! Says my co-worker, "she says she feels like she can't do anything anymore" because of the pregnancy.

I (barely) keep my jaw from dropping to the floor and (barely) restrain myself from saying what I REALLY think (i.e., how many people do I know -- in real life & online -- myself included -- who would do anything to be in her shoes & be 8 months pregnant with a healthy baby??) and mutter, "Tell her she'd better get used to it!" (At least my co-worker seemed to feel this woman was being ridiculous too.) I feel sorry for the baby already...

3. Escape to the food court for tea -- and encounter a dozen toddlers from the office tower's daycare centre out with their caregivers for their afternoon stroll, admiring the Christmas tree in the atrium. So cute. So heartbreaking.


  1. Oh my goodness. Hope you are now safely at home away from that craziness. #2 would have done me in too. It is a good thing at least that your co-worker was telling you in that manner, instead of a "isn't that cute/funny?" kind of way. I recently heard a pg. mom complain about her baby moving too much!! Luckily, I just overheard it and it wasn't said directly to me. I may have cracked.

    Just curious, how did you react to baby in the co-worker scenario? I'm wondering because somebody actually said something to me when I didn't "fuss" over my co-workers baby.

  2., December 06, 2007 10:45:00 PM

    When it rains, it pours. Sorry you had a veritable thundershower of babies.

  3. what a difficult day :( Sending you virtual hugs, red wine & chocolate. I hope tomorrow is a better day.