Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fashion file

I ducked into a few stores on my lunch hour, and all the spring clothes are coming in.

First of all -- whose bright idea was/is it to start filling the stores with capri pants when there are still 3-foot snowdrifts in my driveway??

Second: has anyone else noticed how, during the last year or so, the fashion for women has been tops & dresses with empire waists & the like? Now is it just me, or does this reflect (a) our society's obsession with stick-thin young girls and/or (b) pregnant women? You most certainly have to be very skinny to wear these styles & look good -- or at least, not look like you're pregnant -- unless you actually are pregnant, & then they show off your cute little belly very nicely.

They most certainly do not look good on 47-year-old, definitely not skinny but definitely not pregnant me. :(


  1. I KNOW! Not cool. So not cool.

    Also? The skinny jean come back is giving me nightmares. My hips do not fit in anything "skinny".

  2. I hate, I mean HATE, the clothes that I see here in College Town, USA. Even on young women, they are so unflattering. The big thing here, in addition to the sausage casing-tight jeans + blimpy tunic, is the leggings/tights, college sweatshirt and Eskimo boot look, especially when there's very little snow to be seen.

    Is there no place for the waist anymore?

  3. The empire waist and me are big enemies. The clothes lately have been sucking big time.

  4. I was at Target last week and could hardly tell the difference between the maternity and juniors section.

  5. I'm the oddball -- I LOVE the empire waist shirts. I carry all my weight in my boobs & belly, so they hide everything nicely.

    Skinny jeans and leggings are totally out though. Those don't look good on ANYONE.

  6. One thing I meant to write when posting this -- I find some of the styles sort of infantilizing. I tried on one candy-coloured blouse with ruffles & gathers everywhere. I felt like I should put my hair up in ponytails & stick a lollypop in my mouth.