Thursday, April 10, 2008

Even Toronto Life Magazine can't resist...

...putting cute babies on their cover to sell issues.

(I'm not one for cutesy baby T-shirts, but I have to admit, the AB/CD made me laugh.)

The cover story doesn't seem to be available online, at least not yet. Too bad. It's a good read. I can just imagine the stir it's going to create among mommy bloggers (who are part of the story!).

Toronto Life website


  1. Look forward to reading the article when it's available online. The shirt is funny, although after years of TTC, I have much less tolerance for such tokens of hipster parenting.

  2. It sounds like a great article and I can't wait to read it. Does Toronto Life post articles online or should I try and find a copy in the US? But, I really hate how the media splash photos of babies on mags and commercials to sell products.

    When we moved to the US my husband and I chose to live in an urban neighborhood because (don't laugh) the schools are so bad that people with children live in the suburbs where the 'better' schools are. I have yet to see a child beyond stroller age in our neighborhood, and it's wonderful! Don't get me started on 'mommy bloggers'...

  3. The magazine's website is

    They have a list of the contents of the current issue, but this particular article is not online. Sometimes they put the articles online later (fingers crossed).

  4. Just yesterday I noticed that a catalog for women's fitness clothing (which I have received for years and years) suddenly has pictures of mommies now instead of female athletes - women with toddlers, babies and strollers etc. modeling fitness clothing. And the copy refers to transitioning from the soccer field to a work meeting.

    I guess that they are trying to appeal to a new demographic, namely the soccer mom. Of course, I am going to be a little less interested in perusing the catalog now that they are doing that.

  5. And of course, it's also a "We hate kids" article. Greeeaaaate, just what I need. Meanwhile, so many places glare at me or ban me already and I make my kids behave in public.


  6. I've seen the AB/CD baby t-shirt at a cute baby store called LOVECHILD. It's at Yonge and Eglington.

  7. though the photo to sell mags is annoying, I'm actually interested in the angle. I often feel like there's a "baby invasion" many places I go -- whether in public, online, telemarketers, vacation -- I can't seem to escape it... ~luna

  8. Here is the link to the article.