Friday, April 11, 2008

Odds & ends

Today is dh's 51st birthday. Birthdays have never been a big deal in his family (probably more so since his mother passed away), unless it's a biggie like 40 or 50 (& sometimes not even then). He & I generally exchange cards, go out for dinner & visit the local megabookstore for a browse & a Starbucks. We went to a local western-style steakhouse chain tonight for dinner & it was really almost perfect -- food was hot, didn't take long to come, steak was done just the way I like it & not too much fat on it. Yum!

We thought we'd go see FIL tomorrow night, since it is dh's birthday & we haven't been over there in a couple of weekends. But when dh called over there earlier this week, stepMIL told him they'd be at her youngest son's tomorrow, celebrating HIS birthday (which is exactly 10 years later & one day earlier than dh's). StepBIL, of course, besides being stepMIL's son, is also the daddy-to-be I mentioned a few weeks back. StepMIL was raving on about how well the latest ultrasound went, how big the baby is getting, it's a boy!! etc. etc. (due in late August/early September) I really can't blame the woman -- she has four kids in their 40s & this will be her one & only grandchild -- she's waited a loooonnnggg time for this. But I couldn't help but feel bad for dh, being overshadowed like that. :( (So of course I'm sitting up here on the computer while he's downstairs watching TV...! But then, it's a Discovery Channel show on rocket science, which he loves (seriously), so I don't feel so bad...!)

There's a scrapbooking convention this weekend in a city about 1.5-2 hours away -- about 20 girls from a board I belong to are going to be getting together there -- one girl even flew in from the west coast & two from the east coast!! I decided not to go, for several reasons -- but dh's birthday was a big one, & I'm glad now that I stayed home to spoil him a little.

*** *** ***

After reading how Mel at Stirrup Queens rhapsodized over her Google Reader a few weeks ago, I set one up for myself. It took a little figuring out, but I now have (gulp) 120 blogs on my reader (& haven't finished adding all of them, either). About 45% related to infertility & pregnancy loss, 45% related to scrapbooking and 10% assorted others. My Google Reader blog list is actually larger than the blog list here -- I need to add a few from here. Also, there are a few listed here that don't seem to have a readable feed? -- Google Reader just doesn't want to pick them up, for some reason. I just have to try to remember which ones they are & click in on them more often. Anyway, great invention, & I'm glad I took the plunge!

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Speaking of Mel -- two of my posts this week -- this one here and this one here -- were mentioned in her weekly Friday blog roundup today, which I think is just about the ultimate compliment that any infertility blogger can get. I'm tickled!

Two great causes Mel is promoting through her blog: March of Dimes and UTERUS, an initiative to raise funds to help women within our IF community. I have yet to figure out the payment intricacies to donate to either cause (insert red-faced icon here) but thought the least I could do was give them a plug.

And Monday we'll be posting about the latest book in the Barren B*tches Book Brigade, "The Mistress's Daughter" by A.M. Homes. I really enjoyed this book & will be working on the questions this weekend -- looking forward to seeing what everyone else thought!

I'm sure there was some other stuff I've been meaning to blog about, little bits & pieces that don't quite warrant a post in themselves, but that's all I can think of for now. Off to spend some time with the birthday boy!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your DH! Hope he has a nice weekend and you guys do something fun. I'm sorry about the inlaw thing. I felt bad for your dh reading about it.

    Rocket Science - lol. Last night here it was "Giant Killer Squids of the Ocean". Everyone (and I do mean everyone) was extremely fascinated for 2 hours!! - save me. I was reading, getting ready for the book tour. :0)

  2. Happy birthday to your husband!

  3. Happy birthday to your DH! I'm glad you are there to spoil him too, I think it is a shame that his family isn't doing something for him (but that is my family culture). Hugs to both of you on the in-law situation. And congrats on your Mel mentions! An honour indeed, but I also think your posts are great. You are on my reader but I often check in between automatic updates anyway :)


  4. belated Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  5. Hey, so glad I found your blog. Am also learning to live without kids.