Sunday, August 31, 2008

Show & Tell: I survived the barbecue...

As I mentioned in my last post, yesterday was dh's cousins' annual Labour Day weekend barbecue. I had a pretty good time, all things considered -- although, as usual, the back to school/kid talk got a little boring after awhile, having nothing much to contribute to the conversation myself.

My SIL is away right now -- which does not happen very often! -- so it was a little strange not to have her there to chat with (although BIL and our nephews were there). Also missing from the party was doppleganger cousin's pg wife, who is due Sept. 17th!! -- their little girl was sick, so she stayed home with her.

There were only two sad/bad moments during the day, when it really hit me that our daughter should have been there: first, when we were taking the traditional annual group photo of all the kids (and even then, it didn't quite hit me until I looked over at dh, & he was looking at me with these sad eyes). Second, when the hostess's 6-year-old daughter gleefully modelled a new dress (with matching hat) that dh's aunt had sewed for her. She looked so cute. Totally choked me up.

Probably the most fun part of the day was meeting the very latest addition to the clan! Cousin/neighbour's youngest daughter (now 15) has been dog crazy almost from the day she was born, and has been nagging her parents for years to buy her a dog. She wanted a black Lab, but her mom (not a big dog person to begin with) said no, it was too big a dog for the small house they live in.

Recently, she was watching "Lady & the Tramp" for the umpteenth time & asked about a cocker spaniel. That was more acceptable to her parents, so they did some research & went last week to get a puppy from a breeder. She's 12 weeks old and has a lovely gentle temperament. Even dh, who is afraid of most dogs, thought she was sweet. The kids had so much fun with her.

I don't feel comfortable publishing any photos of the kids, but dogs are another story!

Meet Lady!


  1. And that is one cute puppy!

    Glad to hear you survived the BBQ. Sounds like for the most part it wasn't too bad. :0)

  2. What a cute puppy. And, I'm sorry those sad moments snuck up on you.

  3. Events such as these must be a very poignant reminder of all that you have lost, Loribeth.

    But the puppy is very cute!

  4. Very cute puppy! Glad you had such a furry distraction.

  5. Awww, how cute! And what a wonderful distraction.

  6. Glad you made it through the BBQ. Such a cute puppy!

  7. a bit late here.. I dunno why my Reader does not indicate new posts from you. *mumbling*
    I am sorry for those sad moments... :(